Thank you to Linda for tagging me on this quite funky Liebster Award – you’re a star! I’ve only met Linda a few weeks ago through the blogosphere and so far she’s come across to be a really lovely person and I always look forward to reading her latest finds and thoughts.

An expat like myself, Linda left Holland and transplanted herself in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Writing about her experiences and finding sense in being a foreigner here in Spain. I can totally relate to her posts, and it gives me a little comfort that I’m not that the only one!  Check out her blog Living The Spanish Life, you can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin and Instagram! Go!

Ok, here we go, my answers to Linda’s questions:

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Creative, adventurous and sarcastic.

Gadget you can’t live without?

My laptop! It’s my livelihood and connection to the outside world!

Do you have pets?

I have a pet Maine Coon cat named Hank who is 6 years old. We brought him with us from the UK.

The best thing about living in Spain?

The people, the weather and the very relaxed way of life!

What is the story behind your blog name?

I’ve just realised that I’ve had my blog name for 7 years! I bought the domain just before I had my son. The name ‘Continental Fairy’ came from the fascination with fairies when I was a little girl. Also living in Europe I thought the name sounds quite catchy, cultural and adventurous! I mixed the two together and here we are!

The last piece of clothing you bought?

Last week I felt a little depressed being on my own and all. I decided to take a trip to the city and treat myself to a few things. I grabbed myself some white skinny jeans, normal blue jeans, and a couple of light jumpers from Mango.

What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be the one I am doing now! I love being creative and having the freedom of seeing my children grow up.

What is your favourite meal?

Spending the first 10 years of my life in the Philippines, I have not forgotten some of the amazing dishes that I have tried and still remember to this day.

Once particular dish would be Pork Adobo. It’s a very simple dish, made in different ways. The main ingredients are vinegar, soy sauce and garlic, usually served with steamed rice. Ahhh… heaven!

Best movie you have ever seen?

Quite an unfair question! I have far too many favourite movies to narrow it down to a single one. But I have recently watched Shawshank Redemption and this is one of my favourite flicks of all time.

Any advice for new bloggers?

Keep it up! I have been blogging for 7 years and sometimes I find it hard to manage, especially if I have a few projects on the go. But the secret is to write something that you are passionate about!

Visit other blogs, make friends and don’t worry too much about stats. Blogging has changed since I started, nowadays it’s mostly about how many followers and RTs you get. But I find that you will meet sincere followers if you write from the heart!

Of course, you want people to read your blog, create good content, relate and always have time for people who want to ask questions. 🙂


So there you go, I hope it gives you a little insight about me. Thanks again Linda for the nomination! This time I would like to tag a few lovely ladies to get to know them better 🙂

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The Questions!

  1. What was the last thing you took a photo of and why?
  2. How do you find blogging inspiration?
  3. How do you see yourself in 5 years?
  4. Coffee or Tea?
  5. Tell me about the last book you read, and would you recommend it?
  6. Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
  7. What do you do to make yourself feel better after a bad day?
  8. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
  9. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  10. What made you happy lately?

Boho Image from Pinterest
Adobo Image from Asia Pacific Tour
Dory Image from Pinterest

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely shout-out! And your blog definitely deserves this award, I just love it 🙂 And I am also loving your answers and the pictures with it. Btw, that must be one of the coolest cats I have ever seen 🙂 xxx

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