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Water Parks to visit in Valencia And Castellón

Spains first water park was introduced back in 1985. Since then, it has grown to be a favourite summer hotspot for the family and fun lovers during the weekends and holidays. During the months of June to August, Valencia can
Oriental supermarket in Valencia

Oriental Supermarket in Valencia

I really couldn't stand it anymore. I ran out of some decent Asian ingredients over 6 months ago and some things you just can't buy in Carrefour! I was really missing some ingredients in my weekly cooking, such as; coconut
Flamenco In Valencia

Flamenco In Valencia

Over the weekend, we found ourselves child-free, thanks to my in-laws who came to visit last week from the UK. They kindly offered to take the children off our hands so that my husband and I can spend a little
Valencia in 30 seconds

Discover Valencia in 30 seconds

This 30 second timelapse video of Valencia hows you a little glimpse of this beautiful city, a place with a combination of traditions and modern architecture, from the rice fields of Albufera, beaches, Arts & Sciences,  port and of course
Christmas in Valencia
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Celebrating Christmas in Valencia

While staying at home and spending time with the family on Christmas is always lovely,  it can be exciting to spend Christmas abroad.  We consider ourselves lucky to be able to celebrate the holidays interpreted by a different culture. Having

Valencia Central Market: A Foodies Heaven!

I’m not the one to pass an invitation to go to Valencia City. On Tuesday morning we took to trip to The Central Market, this was my second time (without the kids) so I was looking forward having my own
China Town Valencia
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Chinatown in Valencia Spain

It’s bad enough missing the odd proper sausage sandwich and roast dinners from England, but being brought up in the Philippines until the age of 10 I still had the desire for a wide variety of Oriental foods. Large cities
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List of schools in the Valencia region

A list that I compiled while researching schools in Valencia, I thought it would be a great idea to share these to help other parents in a similar situation to see what schools are available around the Valencia region. <a href="http://www.continentalfairy.com/list-of-schools-in-the-valencia-region">read more...</a>