Oriental supermarket in Valencia

Oriental Supermarket in Valencia

I really couldn’t stand it anymore. I ran out of some decent Asian ingredients over 6 months ago and some things you just can’t buy in Carrefour! I was really missing some ingredients in my weekly cooking, such as; coconut vinegar, a decent bottle of soy sauce (that didn’t cost the earth!) and some seasonings […]

Valencian School Calendar

So here we are another start of the new school year. After a busy and hot summer, I’m finally glad to be back to normality… well from next week anyway. Here is a helpful guide on when the school year starts and end in the community of Valencia. The dates also vary depending whether your […]


12 weeks of summer holidays

It’s been a month since my son broke up for the summer holidays. And yes you read that right, we have 12 weeks of school holidays here in Spain starting from the 22nd of June. Long gone the anxiety that I use to face back in the UK, as I recall dreading the upcoming 6 […]

Flamenco In Valencia

Flamenco In Valencia

Over the weekend, we found ourselves child-free, thanks to my in-laws who came to visit last week from the UK. They kindly offered to take the children off our hands so that my husband and I can spend a little alone time together. ;) We didn’t waste any time organising what we wanted to do, […]

Introducing Our Ninot for the Fallas

These past few days I’ve been occupied with my youngest son’s school project. Every year, the kids are asked to create a ninot for the cremá. This year’s theme is about films and music, and every year the students deliver impressive creations to celebrate the end of Fallas. The kids (parents) are given two weeks […]

China Town Valencia

Chinatown in Valencia Spain

It’s bad enough missing the odd proper sausage sandwich and roast dinners from England, but being brought up in the Philippines until the age of 10 I still had the desire for a wide variety of Oriental foods. Large cities in the UK such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds have established China Towns and I’ve […]