How To Be A Better Influencer Without Losing Your Blog Cred

It doesn’t matter on which side of the fence you’re sitting on when it comes to working with brands many bloggers are conflicted. What is your blog supposed to be? Do you write about brands purely based on your personal opinion? Or do write about anything and everything with the intention of getting popularity or monetary gain?

As bloggers, we all want to be listened to. When I first started blogging back in 2008, my posts didn’t have any direction. I like blogging and that was it. If I used a product or stayed in an awesome hotel, then I would write and tell my readers about it. I didn’t see myself as an influencer. I’m just a normal woman who likes to take photos, write and blab about my experiences.

In time, brands started to get in touch. They wanted me to write about all sorts, from shampoos, lotions to staying in their hotels. It was then that I started to feel conflicted. I love to write, but only on the things that I really enjoy and like! I have been using the same shampoo for the last five years for heaven’s sake! Do I try and convince my readers that this new kick-ass product is the ONE to buy?!

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be ‘that blogger’ who is constantly trying to sell you something. Your audience is not naive to the fact if your content is all about money or SEO. As bloggers, we are ALL influential in our own right and we do not want to abuse that power.

Be Choosy With Who You Work With

Just because opportunities come knocking on your door it doesn’t mean you have to welcome them all! Bloggers, especially those ones who are just starting out might feel the need to accept every offer to gain a little more traffic and content for their website. DON’T FALL IN THE TRAP! Opportunities come and go. I am sure in time if you write great and relevant content that matches the goals of your blog then the right brand partnership will come along. Do not settle for brands who are unrelated to your topics just to gain the promise of possible exposure or extra content.

Do Not Write About Stuff That You’ll Never Use Or Recommend

I remember landing on bloggers page post a few years ago and she was writing about how great this new car insurance company is, and how she recommends them wholeheartedly. Then while exploring more on her blog I found a post about how she’s never really driven in her life. Well, that’s kinda giving the game away, right? Blogging with integrity is something that you should practice as a blogger. After all, you want your readers to trust what you have to say. Being vague and dishonest not only gives you a bad reputation but questions your credibility as an influencer as a whole.

Always Disclose Your Relationship With The Brand

As an influencer, you have a long reach that is built on trust and authenticity. Anything that you post on your blog and share on social media should be clarified at first instance by writing a disclosure at the beginning or at the end of your post. This way you have done your duty as an influencer to let your readers know what your post is all about and what you have gained (or not) from it. Always be transparent with your intentions, honesty goes a long way!

Expose The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Do not feel obligated to make a brand look good because they gave you a freebie or paid a good sum for your post. The point of being an influencer is to let your readers know how you feel about that product or service in an unbiased way. If it’s awesome then great, everyone is happy, but if you feel that you need to point some things out for improvements then feel free to do so. Your readers will appreciate your honesty and brands will be able to improve their product or service based on your constructive criticisms.

Final Thoughts…

You know what, it’s simple. Everything comes down to being honest and believing in your what you’re writing about. Yes earning from your blog and gaining thousands of followers is an attractive prospect and this will come in time. Be patient and passionate. A good influencer always put quality and authenticity before anything else.

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.


  1. Great tips and advice. Thanks for writing and sharing this. I do hope my blog can grow too.

  2. Really great tips. Totally agree that it’s important to only recommend things you actually like and to keep your integrity. I’ve had to say no to loads of products and opportunities over the years because they weren’t a good fit. Have also had to write negative reviews for products or events I thought I’d like but ended up not liking!

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