These past few days I’ve been occupied with my youngest son’s school project. Every year, the kids are asked to create a ninot for the cremá. This year’s theme is about films and music, and every year the students deliver impressive creations to celebrate the end of Fallas.

The kids (parents) are given two weeks to create something amazing! To be honest, I think it’s more of a competition between the parents. It doesn’t take much figuring out that a lot of the ninots brought into the school have not been fully created by the kids themselves. Not such a big deal as it’s all for fun and it’s a great way to show creativity, and who knows, this year we might even win!

My son loves music! His taste ranges from Santana to Bruno Mars. This year it took us a little brainstorming. I even asked friends to give me some ideas! They suggested older artists such as Michael Jackson and The Rolling Stones. My son has a very eclectic taste in music and I had a feeling that he would love the idea!

Finally, he decided,  he wanted to create a ninot that related to music, and he even drew a sketch for me. Of course, we have to do something a little better than his initial idea.


With not much time left, last week we got to work in creating our ninot for the fallas. I started with cutting a styrofoam board in the shape of The Rolling Stones famous logo. The mouth outline was done on a foam paper cut in the exact same shape as the base. Stick these together and voila!

After a lot of sanding, painting and gluing we have created something that even the cat is very proud to show off!

This will be our third Fallas, and I must admit that I’m getting the hang of this. I’m not even that upset (ok, just a little) that if our ninot does not get in the Top 3 it will be burnt into smithereens. But IF our entry does get a look in, our ninot will be saved from the fire, and will have its own special place in the school reception! 😉

The schools cremá will be held on Monday, we will then found out if our ninot made it. So watch this space…

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