Finally, the boys are back in school and the routine for normality has begun, even though it’s hard to imagine that only this time last month the summer was still in full swing on our town and getting ready for another fiesta.  The weeks go by so quickly and even though school holidays are longer in Spain compared to the UK entertaining the kids have not been a total nightmare, with the good weather and fiestas all over the place, it’s really not hard to find something to do.

Of course, Spain is renown for it’s colourful, noisy and crazy fiestas and this year was no different from the last. It’s amazing how fast the year have gone, it only feels like a few weeks ago that were celebrating the Fallas, now we are at the end of summer getting ready for another school year.

The celebrations in our town of Vilamarxant usually starts in mid August and last for two weeks, an event that is celebrated every year to bring the community together, young and old.

Each event can be found in ‘The Book of Parties’, well, that’s how I like to call it, in this book you’ll find information and schedules leading up to the two week event. The two weeks are usually starts with the bull run, orchestras,  giant paella and of course the paella competition.

Each evening there are also activities for the children held in the towns plaza mayor. From water fights, slides and bouncy castles to racing, puppet shows and many more things dedicated for the children. Best of all of these are free!

The brochure is written in Valenciano, so it takes me a while to understand the schedules, but as you can see the two weeks is filled with things to do everyday for all ages. Seeing this go on for the second year it’s still as exciting as the first time, it’s great how the whole community rally together to create something for everyone to enjoy.

Reportaje Actividades Lúdicas y de Ocio… by ajuntamentvilamarxant

We didn’t attend most of the events, even though we were invited specially on the last party and concert of the week, the idea of having a very late night and early morning didn’t really appeal, one reason, we didn’t have a baby sitter and second we really didn’t have the energy to do so. Makes me wonder how the some of our friends can do it nearly every day and night during the course of the two weeks.

Taking the boys to the kids events was enough, you never know maybe next year me and the other half will find the courage to celebrate until the early hours of the morning, but for now, the summer is finally over, the routine to normality starts again,and as for the parties I’m glad I have at least one year to think about it! 🙂 :thumbsup:

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