It’s true, I have not updated for over a month. April became a big blur as soon as I took my trip to the UK. With a lot of things going on, including our home moving plans, work and kids the month quickly passed. As if by magic it’s already June and I’ve felt particularly guilty for the mini hiatus.

My UK Trip

It went well, thrilled that I was able to spend time with family, friends and did the things I planned to in the short five days that I was there. Despite it’s been nearly a year since my last visit, it never feels that I’ve been away for that long. Weather wise, I came along prepared with jumpers and layers. Even at 18°c and sunny, I spent most of the time wrapped up and complaining how cold it is! A welcome change of scene.

It was great to let my hair down for a few days, shopping, sightseeing, eating, and repeating the whole joyful process again the following day! A holiday back in my hometown has never been so good! I’ve taken a few photos, not as much as I would have liked, so here are the ‘best’ few, to give you an insight of my 5 days of fun!

Window seat
Starbucks Birmingham Bullring
When I paid too much for coffee – Starbucks Birmingham Bullring
Birmingham Centenary Square
Birmingham Centenary Square
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Chilli Squid - Wagamama
Chilli Squid – Wagamama
Chilli Beef Ramen Wagamama
Chilli Beef Ramen @ Wagamama


Ozzy Walk Of Fame
Ozzy Walk Of Fame
Sisterly Time
Sisterly Time
And finally back home – Sunset over Valencia

So there you go, the month has gone so fast and I’m already missing everyone. But on a positive note, flights have already been booked by family members to come and visit us here this month and August! How exciting!

House Hunting…. and it goes on

On the house moving front, we are slowly progressing. We have viewed a handful of houses, some we loved and some not so! Happy to say that we have a few ‘likes’ on the shortlist. In this past few weeks, I have been doing more research on urbanisations in Valencia and have written a list of residential areas ideal for families like us that I plan to publish here soon. 🙂

With the summer holidays only over two weeks away at least, we have a few months to really consider where in Valencia we want to settle. Only finding the right house is the tricky part!

Oh by the way. I’m so glad to be back!

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.

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  1. So nice to see you are back and I am glad you enjoyed your time at home so much 🙂 🙂

    Now it´s time to enjoy the warm, Spanish weather!

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