Now that the summer is truly well upon us, we are spending a lot more time outside. With the temperature reaching up to 40 degrees on some days, to be exposed at those high temperatures even on a cloudy day can be very dangerous especially for younger children.

During the summer, we are lucky enough to enjoy continuous sunny and warm weather. Having the pool and only 20 minutes drive from the beach, our holidays are mostly spent outdoors. My 7 year old is not so bad now when it comes to putting on sunscreen, but I have also experienced that getting much  younger kids to apply them on can prove very difficult. They run away, they scream, they wipe it off, it’s hard to explain that it’s for their own good (I’m sure this is not an unfamiliar thought).

We are aware of the harmful effects of the sun and why it is important to wear sunscreen but getting children to understand is another story.

When I saw this new invention created by Nivea and FCB Brasil , I thought, “AMAZING!!!”. Finally, they have devised a fun and learning doll that reacts similarly to your child’s skin that turns red with the sun’s exposure. The Nivea doll is made of UV sensitive material and shows red when exposed to the dangerous and harsh sun without the use of a cream. Easy and self-explanatory, teaching kids on the level they understand, through play!

Nivea Doll

Nivea Doll

Nivea Doll

Nivea Dolls

[su_quote cite=” Joanna Monteiro, creative at FCB Brazil”]Protecting and caring is something we learn from an early age. This emotional bond is what this Nivea action offers, through the magic of technology, children can see the sun’s effect on the skin of the doll.[/su_quote]

To prevent ‘sunburn’, the kids are encouraged to apply the sun protector to the dolls seeing the immediate effect while they apply the cream. It’s a clever and harmonious way to explain to children why they should wear sun protection too!

The bad news; unfortunately, the dolls were created in limited quantities and only for this ad campaign and are not available to buy. But, fear not, FCB Brasil will be creating more of these dolls for the beaches in Brazil next summer and hopefully they can take this genius idea international! What do you think? Would you consider buying one?!

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