Are you thinking about living in Valencia? Have you been doing endless research on the internet to find out more about the city? I’m sure you’ve probably exhausted the forums and dug so deep that you ended up landing here!

First of all, I want to tell you that I can totally relate. Seven years ago, I was doing exactly the same thing. The only information that I could find about Valencia is on forums or websites that are in Spanish or blogs that have not been updated for years!

Back then Facebook Groups are still in their infancy, so connecting with people on a more personal level was difficult. I wanted to know the answers in real-time. I had so many questions to ask, that only a person who lives or have lived in Valencia could answer. For example; ‘What are the schools like?’ , ‘Can I find an English speaking doctor in my area?’, ‘Where can I buy British ingredients?’ are just some of the things I wanted to know!

Thankfully, since then Facebook has improved the way people connect in groups. Love or hate it, Facebook serves a purpose especially for people like us who are looking for information about a location or a recommendation in a place we are not familiar with.

In this post, I have compiled 16 Facebook Groups dedicated to Valencia, Spain and around Europe. Some of these groups have been a great resource and I found that most people who frequent on them are really nice and always willing to help. Check out the list below and I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Facebook Groups In Valencia

Facebook Groups In Valencia

Expats In Valencia

This forum is established for genuine respectful discussions, about topics immediately relevant to living on this amazing city.  

Valencia Expats

A group for Expats living in Valencia, Spain! Everyone is welcome. You can ask advice or find out info, or discuss local events.

Expats World Valencia

The fastest-growing global community for people who moved abroad! Enjoy this group for your posts, comments and communication with other ex-pat members in your city.

Valencia Information Exchange

Share information about what’s going on in your area of Valencia, Spain; things to do, places to go or simply ask a question to see who can help. 

International Women’s Club Valencia

An independent organisation run on a voluntary basis. We offer Support, Friendship, Business networking, Fundraising, Activities. We organise a monthly coffee meeting at the Beneficiencia, Calle Corona 36, a monthly cultural tour and a lunch to include partners and friends.

Costa Women Valencia

A free social & business network community living, or dreaming Valencia! If you are looking for new friends, run your own business, or are looking to start something of your own, then Costa Women Valencia is for you.

Buy, Sell, Swap Valencia, Spain

This group is aimed at posting brand new or second-hand goods for the Valencia region primarily for ease of exchange, buy or sale.

Americans Living In Valencia

A group of US Americans and Canadians who are already living in Valencia or will be in the imminent future. A place of contact for United States Americans living in and around Valencia, Spain, to help them feel connected to others in similar situations to their own, and to keep them informed about events.

Facebook Groups in Spain And Europe

Becoming Spanish

“Becoming” Spanish is apolitical and is here to help those who are residents in Spain.  It’s a great place for support in learning Spanish as well as finding out about Spanish culture and traditions.

Expats In Europe

This is a group for anyone who is an ex-pat, living or working outside their own country. Here you’ll find news and gossip about ex-pats who live in Europe or have some connection to Europe.

Moving To Spain Forum

A discussion group aimed at people who would like to move to Spain in touch with those who have experience living in Spain or have any expertise on Spanish living.

International Families Spain

International families in Spain is a group for all families living, moving or holidaying in Spain to ask questions and offer advice on all aspects of being abroad.

Expats In Spain

Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need for living, working, retiring and having the best ex-pat life you can in Spain.

Expat Bloggers Europe

This group is for bloggers who are ex-pats in Europe. You must have a blog and be an ex-pat in Europe to be a member. Our goal is to share information to help us all be better bloggers. We encourage members to support each other

Expats Living In Spain Forum

Aimed for British Expats already living in Spain or anyone planning a move to Spain. We shall post the latest updates and changes in Rules/Laws for Spain Interesting places to visit or stay

Sell Your Stuff Spain

Spain’s Review Directory is a social networking platform that allows users to advertise their business for FREE.

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.

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