Travelling with toddlers can never be as light as we want. Unfortunately. However, it is a good fortune that nowadays there are lots of useful products on the store which can make the trip run on wheels.

I appreciate all the gadgets that make my life easier especially when it comes to family journeys with our little ones. However, not only the travel should be planned. Before every travel I should make sure that I take care of all the cleaning and tidying up of the gear for my toddlers. A good advice is to perform it in advance, not in the night prior to leaving.

I will introduce you to some toddler items I have used during travels. I find them very useful, hopefully, you will too. Of course it always depends on what type of trip you are heading to or what phase your kids are going through.

For example, my eldest son could fall asleep everywhere, literally everywhere, so when he was a baby we never used baby crib. However, my other son needed such. Here you will see my favourite travel gear for toddlers and how to clean them as well. Shall we begin?


My kids simply love them. Music keeps them concentrated and the last thing they can think about is getting into mischiefs. What could be better? Oh, I know what. The best part is that the cleaning is a lot easier because these headphones are smaller than the usual ones as they are sized for toddlers’ little heads. You only need to provide yourself with wet wipes. That’s it. Make sure to wipe them in regular manners.

Disposable bibs

These little items are so useful! They do not even take up much place, they can even be put in your handbag. Here the biggest advantage is that you do not have to clean them- you just throw them away like a handkerchief. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Portable high chairs

This chair is incredible! I always take it with us when we are visiting some friends or relatives out of town. If you are staying there for a while you should definitely take one of those with you as well.

Your toddler have a specific place to enjoy his or her meal without taking up much space. You can clean this chair with a damp cloth or with a sponge dipped in a cleaning detergent. However, there is no need to buy expensive cleaning products when you can simply use warm water and dish soap, for example.

Bottle brush

This little item is very helpful for cleaning feeding bottles or sippy cups, which are so hard to be cleaned without it.

Small portable crib

We bought such crib for our second son as I already told you that our first one did not need such. When you fold this crib it gets so much smaller which is very convenient to be taken around.

Another thing is that if you are staying at a hotel or a motel, you can never be sure how hygienic and clean the baby cribs are there. So in order to be sure that your kid is sleeping in a clean bed, bring your own portable crib.

My greatest advice is to never underestimate the power of wet wipes and antibacterial gel wash. No matter where you are going, whether it be to the park or out of town, make sure to always bring those two. These items are my greatest helper!

How do you keep your littles ones clean whilst traveling? Do you have any useful tips to share? Products to recommend? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Sophia is a mommy of two and avid traveller. She is a writer and loves to share tips and tricks for travelling with kids.

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