This summer, my inbox was particularly busy with enquiries from families who want to or thinking about living in Valencia. It’s nice to be able to help or at least point parents in the right direction. I know how important it is to know if you’re making the right decision about choosing the ‘best school’ for your child.

A recurring question that I often get from my readers is ‘Which schools are the best in Valencia?’. This is a hard question to answer because;

Number One: I do not know each school in and around Valencia.

Number Two: I am not an expert about the Spanish education system.

It’s difficult to say which school is the best in Valencia, because, in reality, no school is perfect. It would be wrong for me to suggest a school as I have no knowledge of each of their performances in detail. I can only say from my OWN experience, and from what other expats and Spaniards have told me. I just hope that by writing this blog, my readers can take my experiences and suggestions to help them decide. 🙂

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

I get it… It’s not an easy job making the ‘right’ decision about your child’s education, especially in a different country.  I’m sure you have seen their modern websites, slick brochures and high ratings. But remember not to get too carried away. Some of these ‘Top Schools’ have a high rate of attritions. Which means that they favour kids who are doing well, and if your child is struggling or have some issues then they will be ‘pushed out’ so they can meet their standards.

The best way to find out about your chosen school is to visit them. Ask around and gather some information from families who knows of or have a child in the school of your choice. I advise to check out and join a Facebook Group In Valencia and ask residents about their experiences.

I have also written a couple of post about our experiences here, you can read more about ‘Our Experience In A Concertado School In Spain‘. The first school that we sent our children to didn’t work out as planned. Another post that I wrote about is ‘The Realities Of Being An Expat Family In Valencia‘. This post highlights what we have experienced from lifestyle to educating our kids here in Spain.

A Map Of Concertado Schools In Valencia

You can spend hours online looking for the right school, it’s a headache I know! So by creating a map and a list that pinpoints schools in Valencia I hope that I can make the search just that little bit easier.

So here it is, below you will find a location map of concertado schools in Valencia and surrounding regions.

Download A Free List Of Concertado Schools In Valencia

By filling in the form below you can also download and extensive list that contains 15 pages of concertado schools in Valencia City and Valencia Region. The list includes addresses, phone numbers and links to their websites.

A list of concertado schools in Valencia, Spain
Concertado Schools In Valencia

Search All Schools In Valencia

Updated 30/11/2018

This is the government website where you can search for all schools in Valencia, from public, private, or concertado. Be aware that when you click the link it might take you to an ‘unsecured website warning’. Ignore it. A lot of government websites in Spain seem to do this, and they really need to fix it. But hey ho, this is Spain.

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.


  1. Great post, Maria! Thank you for sharing the list of concertados. This is a really helpful resource, and it is very nicely organized.

  2. Hi Maria, I came across your website looking for usefull info on secondary schools in Valencia. Your website is indeed a very helpfull resource. I will be moving with my daughter (age 13) to Valencia this summer. I am sure it won’t be easy for her. We lived in Ibiza for a year but she was very young (4 years old) at the time. She doesn’t speak Spanish at all… Can you recommend a Colegio Concertado (in the centre of Valencia) where pupils with language difficulties might receive support and guidance during the first years at school? Or do you recommend following an intensive Spanish course for her. I have lived and studied in Granada and Ibiza so Spanish isn’t a problem for me, she just doen’t want her mum to teach her the Spanish language… I haven’t decided where to rent an apartment yet, much depends on the school she will be attending. Thanks a lot, great website!

    • Mariá

      Hi Nana, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I do know any colegios enough in the centre of Valencia to recommend for your daughter. I would suggest to join one of the Valencia Facebook Groups and ask if anyone can recommend one or if they have any useful info. Head over to my post and hopefully someone else with better experience can suggest something suitable for your daughter. 🙂 16 Useful Facebook Groups To Join In Valencia And Around Spain

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