Keep on top of the kid’s school holidays and Spanish public holidays with this FREE printable Valencian school calendar 2021! It comes with colourful reminders, this calendar is the perfect tool to keep you organised this year.

I’m excited to share with you my new printable! I originally made this for myself in a simplified version, so that I can keep track of fiestas, saint days and puentes. I’ve been here for 9 years, but there are still days when I completely forget that it’s a national or local holiday. 

The Spanish school calendar is a little bit different compared to the UK. The school year runs from September to June with a 12-week summer break. We don’t get half terms instead we get to celebrate local festivals, for instance during the Fallas, my son gets around a 5-day break. Not to mention a lot of non-teaching days and saints days during the year. These days are spread out during the year, it’s hard to keep track especially as we don’t celebrate a lot of them. For example, the 9th of October is Valencian day, where the community get a whole day off to celebrate… well… being Valencian!

So, to remind me what’s going on throughout the year, I designed a printable Valencian school calendar. The calendar includes all the fiestas, and ‘dias’  that’s celebrated nationally and here in Valencia.  As we are in March soon, I’m starting with this month up to December 2021. Feel free to download and print for your personal use, and I hope it helps you keep track of Spanish fiestas and school holidays.

FREE printable Valencian school calendar 2021

Ways to display your printable calendar

Pin it on a corkboard or fridge door

Pinning your calendar on a corkboard or the fridge door is the better way to display the calendar. 

Laminate the calendar

If you would like the calendar to last longer, then use a laminator. This will protect your calendar from getting damaged from spills, dust/dirt and dogeared edges. 

Use a ring binder

 If you’re on the move, then using a ring binder is the best way to carry it without damaging the calendar. And this way your calendar will always be at hand when you need it! 

Print Your Valencian School Calendar Now!

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