Are you worried about sending your child back to school in this pandemic? I’m sure as parents we have the same anxieties about what will happen or whether we are doing the right thing. Here are my thoughts and parental anxieties about sending my child back to school. 

Going Back To School On A Pandemic

As I write this I have butterflies in my stomach. I have hundreds of things going around my head about going back to school next week. I never thought when I picked my son up from school in March that it’ll be 6 months later until he see his friends again. Looking back it seems a long time ago, but at the same time the months have flown by, and here we are…

It’s finally September, and I am worried about my 12 year old going back to school. Even though I am aware that children are less likely to be affected by the virus it still doesn’t make me feel any better.. Hopefully, in 6 months time, we can look back with a sigh of relief and everything will be fine. But for now, I will take it day by day with the hope that ‘normality’ will return again.

This year I’m a little less organised. I am leaving everything to the last minute and waiting to see if anything will change. On Thursday the educational authority has published guidelines on how back to school will be handled here in Spain. It doesn’t make me feel any better about the whole situation, but it is what it is and we have to comply with the new school rules. For now, this IS the ‘new normal’.

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Back To School Guidelines In Spain

Face masks MUST be worn

Wearing of masks will be mandatory from the age of six. It is also recommended to use masks for children between 3-5 years old when travelling on school transport.

Social distancing

Physical distancing will be one and a half metres for all students. 

Fever checks

Temperature checks are taken on students and teachers every day. 


Students and teachers are expected to carry out frequent hand washing five times a day.

Ventilation in classrooms

Improved ventilation in classrooms at least before and after each class. The leaving the windows open throughout if possible. 

Cleaning of centres

Extra cleaning of the centres. Hygiene control and disinfection in toilets and common areas.

Appointed person for possible outbreaks

An appointed member of staff will ensure compliance with the protocols and provide measures in the case of outbreaks in school. 

Bubble groups

Creation of bubble groups to avoid contact between children from other classes.

Encouragement of online lessons

Some regions in Spain including Valencia have already made plans to combine school attendance with online learning. 

Safety in school dining rooms

Safety distance in the dining rooms except between the members of the bubble groups. Each child will always maintain a fixed place in the dining room all year round

Reduction of classes

Reduction of the ratios of children per class. 

Final Thoughts

As I end this post, I have finally got my shit together and ordered my son’s school materials. This morning I also collected his new uniform. The first day of back to school is always scary at the best of times. But this year is a lot different. I wonder how the children will adjust to the new rules and way of socialising? I will let you know in the coming weeks. 

How about you? How do you feel about sending your child back to school? Do you have the same parental anxieties, what are your worries, or are you just going with the flow? Let me know on the comments below. 

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