There is no easy way to say this but, after all, our hard work, on Monday our ninot did not make it out of the cremá. This year we had another good turnout at school, as expected parents and children created and delivered great artwork on the theme of film and music.

You can see from this colourful pile of art just how much work and imagination have gone into these ninots.  From the usual Spongebob (which I did in our first year) to a more impressive C3PO playing the piano (or that’s what I think it is!).

School Fallas
School Fallas

I really like the R2D2!
I really like the R2D2!
Fallas In school
Getting ready for the Mascletá

Of course, it is all for tradition and fun. The day was about celebrating the Fallas and our school organise this yearly event. The children can go to school in their traditional costumes and they also get a treat of churros and chocolate at the end of the day!

Sadly, we have failed to impress the judges this year (don’t worry, I’ll get over it), with so many great ninots to choose from I guess it was hard to pick which one should be saved from the fire! The Penguins of Madagascar took this years title, but whatever the results are it’s always a fun event and it is something that we look forward to!

But for now, I’m recovering from the loss of our hard work, at least I took some photos to remember it by and, of course, there is always next year… 😉

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