A list of online shops where you can buy cactus and succulents to add to your collection! Many deliver to  Spain, EU and Internationally. Check them out!

If you have killed your fair share of plants in your time and love the boho or Mediterranean style then cactus and succulents might be the one for you. I have to admit that it’s only been this last 5 years that I’ve taken a lot more interest in these weird and wonderful plants. I’ve not always been a lover, but after learning more about different varieties and the amazing collection that my friends have I’ve slowed warmed up to them and have started to build a collection of my own. 

Local garden centres in Spain are great for finding cheap succulent and cactus. Hardy and require little watering, you will often see them growing wild in the campo. The hot and dry weather of the Mediterranean is the ideal place for cactus and succulents to thrive. Unlike back in the U.K where they are better grown indoors than outdoors. 

Common varieties of cactus and succulents are easy to find here, but now that my collection is a little bit more established I’m trying to find different types to buy. This is where the beauty of the internet comes in. You can find anything that your hearts desire and have it delivered straight to your doorstep – cactus and succulents included! 

Online Shops Where To Buy Cactus And Succulents

1. Succulent Den

A succulent online gift shop thats specialises in curated succulent boxes. You can also create your own gift box by choosing your favourite succulents, gifts and card. They offer a wide range of succulents and their gifts are boho and nature theme. A great place to order succulent gifts for yourself or your loved ones! Succulent Den delivers to the UK, Spain and Europe, orders €40+ are also free delivery to Spain!

2. La Tienda Del Cactus

A popular online cactus store where you can find hundreds of different varieties of cacti and succulents. They also sell unusual and cute accessories for your plants. They ship throughout Spain, and the EU and any orders over €50 qualify for FREE shipping. 

3. Suculentia

Established in 2014 Suculentia an online succulent store based in Spain and is owned by Leo Gonzalez and Rafael Navarro. They claim to seek and obtain the best plants around the world and have a broad catalogue of different species of succulent plants. They offer €5.00 shipping around Spain and also post to EU and non-EU countries. 

4. Sunny Plants

Based in Holland, Sunny Plants offer a wide range of cacti, succulents and lithops from seeds, cuttings and bulbs. They have an easy to navigate website with clear and attractive photos.  They ship to Spain, the UK and most EU countries. 

5. Mia Cactus

Mia Cactus is a cool online cactus and succulents store owned by María and Alejandro, who love design and plants. Their online shop is full of quirky products for your home and plants.

6. Surreal Succulents

Surreal Succulents is a UK based succulent and cactus shop based in Penzance, where they also have a nursery that is open to the public. They sell an impressive collection of plants for every taste as well as offering rare and unusual varieties. Surreal Succulents offer to ship to EU and international countries. 

7. Plantas y Pinchos

An online cactus and succulent store based in Sevilla, Plantas y Pinchos offer a range of lovely and very affordable plants. They offer to ship to Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. 

8. Cactus Collection

Offer cacti, succulents, plants, substrates and accessories. They offer postage to Spain, Portugal, and the Canaries.

9. Cactus Agroideas

Based in Murcia, Spain, Cactus Agroideas is a nursery as well as an online shop specialising in cactus and succulents. Their website is simple and showcases a large variety of plants. However, you have to email them with a reference number to order. Delivery prices and locations are unclear so it’s better to contact them before ordering. 

10. Cactus Loft

Established for 10 years Cactus Loft is a family business dedicated to the cultivation, distribution and selection of exclusive succulent plants and other botanical oddities.

11. Singular Plant

For more than 10 years Singular Plant have been dedicated in growing special varieties of succulent and lithops. They have a wide variety of rare plants for your collection and deliver to Europe and Internationally. 

12. New Tropic

New Tropic has one of the largest facilities in Europe dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of Epiphyllum (Orchid Cactus), as well as Plumerias (Frangipanis) and Hylocereus (Pitayas or Dragon Fruit). Postage starts at €5.00 to Spain. 

13. Uhlig-Kakteen

Uhlig Kakten is a Germany based online cactus shop that sells rare and beautiful cacti. They also offer growing kits and accessories such as soils, substrates, pots and books. Postage to the EUis €7.50 and they also ship Internationally.

14. Cactus Spot

In the online store, you will find the available plants grouped according to the varieties they belong to and details about them. The shop is simple and easy to navigate. Shipping is available to EU only.

15. Kakteen-Plapp

Germany based online cactus and succulent shop, they deliver to the UK and the EU. They have a wide range of plants, however, their website is not very user friendly. Kakteen-Plapp accepts bank transfers, PayPal or Western Union payments. 

16. Astrophytum Land

A company dedicated to the sale and cultivation of cactus and collection succulents. Their online shop has a wide variety of plants. Orders must be a minimum of €20, they are based in Spain but unsure if they deliver to the EU or Internationally. 

17. Mediterranean Garden 

A love that grew into passion, Mediterranean Garden sells a wide variety of cactus and succulents in their Etsy and eBay shop. If you head over to their blog you will also find tips and tricks on how to grow these wonderful plants. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a newbie like me or experienced on succulents and cactus there are still much more to learn about these wonderful plants. I find groups like World of Succulents Group and Succulent, Cactus & Air Plants Community really helpful. From admiring how people arrange their collections to asking advice about a certain variety. Members seem to be friendly enough and happy to give a helping hand. 

If you live in Spain and you’re looking for a wide variety of plants, you can also check out my post about Online Plant Shops In Spain. Happy gardening! 🌵

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