For a while now we’ve been wanting to try out the Korean BBQ along Carrer de Bailèn. We love Asian food! And it’s been on my list to go to since it opened a couple of years ago. Last week it was my youngest 13th birthday (yes, he is now officially a teenager!). It was the perfect excuse to try out Gogi House to see if it’s what we expected it to be. 

Situated along Calle Bailen, just along the side of Estacion Del Nord, Gogi House is a Korean restaurant where you can enjoy grilling or cooking food from your own table. I’ve never been to a Korean BBQ before, but my son has shown me numerous videos about how cool Korean BBQ’s are! So we had an idea of what to expect. 

Korean BBQ At Gogi House

The restaurant itself is quite small. Each table has a round grilling plate in the middle. We arrived at about 20:00 which is quite early for Spanish standards. But it was great because we were the only ones there. The lady who greeted us was friendly enough and showed us to our table. But didn’t explain how to use the BBQ. Good job we had a fair idea. 

We started with a small bowl of Kimchi each. Not as spicy as I would have liked it to be but I guess they have to make it for the Spanish (who are not into spice). Nevertheless, it was very nice and fresh. 

Korean BBQ Kimchi
Kimchi – A spicy, fermented cabbage, similar to sauerkraut but with Korean spices

My husband went for the lomo de ternera con salsa pimienta, which are slices of loin of beef marinated in hot spices. I choose the entrecote de buey (beef entrecote) aged for 30 days. While my son went for the panceta cerdo Iberico (Iberian pork belly).  We also ordered a plate of vegetables to accompany the mains and a bowl of kimchi rice

korean bbq in Valencia
Korean BBQ @ Gogi House Valencia

My son loved his pork belly and I my entrecote was very nice. However, my husband wasn’t too impressed with his lomo as it was quite fatty, and he dislikes anything with fat. But that’s just his preference, I gave his dish a try and I think it was quite nice! 

Final Thoughts

If I had to change anything, I would have preferred the meat to be served in a deeper plate and not on a slate. I don’t know why restaurants do this especially when the dish have a fair bit of sauce in it. As you can see from the photo, the marinade was running off the side, which is quite unhygienic especially when you’re dealing with raw meat. 

Gogi House is a nice place to try if you fancy something different. I cannot comment about the authenticity, as I’ve never had a Korean BBQ before. I know there are other places in Valencia which offer this type of dining, so maybe next time we’ll try others to compare. All in all it was a nice evening out to celebrate my sons birthday. 

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