One of the things I get excited about on the approach to Christmas is what kind of advent calendar I’d get from the other half. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to receive the most awesome advent calendars. From Yankee Candle, Soap & Glory, Hotel to Hotel Chocolat goodies.

This year he’s managed to bag me the very popular No7 Beauty Advent Calendar. This is the second year that he’s attempted to order this for me. Last year without success because they ran out quickly, but this year he was determined to pre-order to avoid disappointment!

Before you get excited, the No7 Beauty Advent Calendar is not available to buy in Spain nor can be delivered in here. My calendar was brought by my in-laws from England who were coming to visit over the festive holidays.

Even though there are some advent calendars for sale in Spain, the range is not as impressive as they have in the UK. As I have mentioned before, beauty products and high street stores are just some of the things I miss about living in England. So when Christmas time comes, ‘high-street shopping’ is not the same. I prefer to have most of my gifts delivered from the UK, especially when it comes to my favourite beauty brands.

It’s been years since I last used the No7 beauty range. So it was super exciting to see what the calendar contained on the lead up to Christmas. I want to share with my top 10 favourites beauty items that I have got from the calendar this year!

No7 Beauty Advent Calendar 2018 My Top Picks

2018 No7 Beauty Advent Calendar

1. Intense Volume Mascara Black

Available in 3 shades the Intense Volume Mascara by No7 have a traditional bristle brush. The calendar contains black, which is fine because this is the colour that I normally choose.

2. Stay Perfect Amazing Eye Pencil Black

The eye pencil have mixed reviews on the website. While I can never have too many eye liners, I prefer the twist-up eyeliners that does not require sharpening. The colour is rich, easily applicable and seem to stay put once applied.

3. Stay Perfect Amazing Eye Pencil Bronze

No7 claims that this eye pencil will give long lasting colour that stays put for up to 12 hours. Though I have not tried it yet, the colour is nice and it glides on quite easily.

4. Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner Brown

I’m a big fan of felt tip eyeliners, I find them so much more easier to use than liquid eyeliners. The Stay Precise Eyeliner has a nice thin brush for ease of application.

Skin Care

No7 is known to have some awesome skin care products. Remember the time when they brought out the Protect and Perfect Advanced Intense Facial Serum? People went crazy and claimed that it was the best skin care product that Boots have brought out? Unfortunately, I missed out every time as it flew off the shelves so I never got to try it.

Since then Boots have introduced additional beauty range and the best thing about the No7 Advent Calendar is that I get to finally try them out!

2018 No7 Beauty Advent Calendar

5. Airbrush Away Primer

This product claims to smooth out your skin making it look flawless for easier make up coverage. I am currently using the Nip + Fab Smooth Viper Venom Micro Blur personally it’s my favourite primer so I am curious to find out how the Airbrush Away would compare.

6. Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream

One of Boots skin care favourites, the intense day cream claims to reduce wrinkles in just two weeks. The sample comes in a 25ml tube, half the size of the original size so there you get more than enough to try it out.

7. Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Face Exfoliator 35ml

Another top rated product from the No7 range this face exfoliator claims to renew and refine your face in 4 treatments. It works against the appearance of dark areas, and blemish prone skin.

8. Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Night Cream 25ml

A 5-star rated night cream, that works while you sleep. Similar to the day cream, it comes in 25ml tube. It claims to deliver the best anti-ageing results that targets deep lines and wrinkles.

9. No7 Skin Illuminator 30ml

The skin illuminator is very versatile, I have used this once before during the summer. It’s a great alternative to foundation if you wish to have a lighter coverage. I also use this along with my foundation to give my face a little glow.

10. Protect and Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum

Launched 8 years ago this is the holy grail of face serums. Since it’s debut it has proven to be one of the UK best sellers at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, the sample in the calendar only comes in 5ml. A 30ml product cost £26.00 and the 50ml costs £36.00. I would have preferred a larger sample as it’s suggested to try it for 4 weeks to see the difference. I don’t know if 5ml would last me that long.

Final Thoughts

Costing £42 in Boots, the calendar is great value as you get £117 worth of No7 beauty care products. The catch is that it’s not available in Spain or Europe. I’m really pleased with the products included in this years calendar and I can’t wait to try them all!

If you want next years box it’s better to pre-order and have it delivered to a trusted family member in the UK who are willing to post it to you or collect if you are visiting them during that time. I know it’s not a cost effective way to get them, but luckily my in-laws comes to visit frequently so they bring anything we cannot get here.

This year the calendar went on sale at around October. With over 100,000 signed up to get the first ones it’s really a first come first served basis. With 24 top rated contents, I’m not surprised that it’s one of the most sought after advent calendar for No7 fans like myself!

Do you love advent calendars? What’s your favourite? Let me know on the comments below!

2018 No7 Beauty Advent Calendar
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