Do you love getting Monthly Beauty Box Subscription? If the answer is yes, then check out my review of the new Abiby monthly beauty box. 

My love for subscription boxes started 6 years ago when my husband decided to send me a gift from Birchbox. Knowing that I LOVE getting things through the post, he thought it would be a good idea to treat me on a monthly beauty box subscription. Yes, I’m pretty lucky he’s thoughtful like that and since then I’ve always looked forward to the start of every month to see what kind of goodies I’ll get through the post. 

I’ve been pretty happy with Birchbox so far, so I’ve never really thought about any other alternatives. So when Abiby got in touch with me to ask if I would try out their beauty box in exchange of giving it my honest review, of course, I jumped at the chance! I wanted to see what other beauty box company has to offer here in Spain. 

A New Monthly Beauty Box Subscription In Spain

Originally started in Italy 2 years ago they have been going from strength to strength, hence the reason they brought their brand here in Spain.  Abiby put their efforts on finding products that are natural, vegan and of course good for your skin and the environment. 

Abiby Monthly Beauty Box
Abiby Monthly Beauty Box

hey also support indie brands, from Italy and all over the world – and scout the latest trends in skincare and make-up to create unique beauty boxes to send to their customers. Every month Abiby select 3-5 beauty products for you to receive in your box. And like many beauty box subscription service, they also have a shop. Where subscribers can buy their favourite products with discounts and offers.

Monthly Beauty Box Subscription From Abiby

Every box is at least 90€ in value. They reveal a spoiler product every month, so you’ll get a sneak peek of one of the products you’ll find, but the rest is a surprise!

October Beauty Box From Abiby
October Beauty Box From Abiby

What’s In The Box

Simply Organic Volumizing hair treatment – €24

Professional treatment for thin and brittle hair. Restores hydration, strengthening the hair structure giving volume and shine to thicker and more voluminous hair. The natural approach makes the hair stronger, healthier and hydrated.

Simply Organic Volumizing hair treatment
Simply Organic Volumizing hair treatment

Limited Edition Avocado + CBD 8-Hour Moisture Fill Eye Cream – €49

My favourite so far! This eye cream claims to smoothen, moisturise and nourish under eyes with a whipped avocado eye cream that aims to rejuvenate tired-looking under eyes. Contains avocado oil and ceramide to make sure that under eyes are kept moisturised and nourished fully.

Limited Edition Avocado + CBD 8-Hour Moisture Fill Eye Cream
Limited Edition Avocado + CBD 8-Hour Moisture Fill Eye Cream

Pineapple CBD Facial Serum- €55

This reminds of a tropical paradise or just a piña colada! Either way, it smells wonderful! This daily facial serum with pineapple extract vitamin C extract that is well known for skin brightening and anti-ageing effects and super skin hydrator hyaluronic acid. 

Pineapple CBD Facial Serum
Pineapple CBD Facial Serum

Highliner Glam Glitter Gel Eye Crayon – €22

A long-lasting and waterproof gel liner with glitter. I received the ‘All That Glitter’ shade, an intense gold that will illuminate the eyes. Ideal for use in the inner corner to add a highlight to all makeup or as an eyeshadow base for all-gold eye makeup.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Glam Glitter Gel Eye Crayon
Marc Jacobs Highliner Glam Glitter Gel Eye Crayon

Large Canvas Tote Bag

And of course, I also received a large canvas tote bag. Which promotes breast cancer awareness by having some cool graphics printed on them.💕

Tote Bag
Tote Bag

Abiby Beauty Box Membership Types

Beauty Box Three Month Plan – €29,90

The Quarterly Plan gives you access to a series of Basic Advantages. This includes a 15% discount on a wide selection of products from the Abiby store. You can also take advantage of this discount once the Plan is activated. 

Beauty Box Six Month Plan – €24.90 

With the six-month plan “flexible plan” there are some more benefits. For example box personalisation (you can choose which product to receive in the next box) or use “skip credits” (for example if you are going on holiday, or you have seen the spoiler and aren’t interested in the next box, you can decide to skip it. Kinda like freezing a gym subscription.

The 6 Month Plan gives you access to a series of PLUS Advantages, such as: 25% discount to use on a wide selection of products from the Abiby store. You can also take advantage of this discount once the Plan is activated. 

Personalising your Abiby box

Choose according to your preferences, the colour, the fragrance or the variation of the monthly customizable product. 

Final Thoughts

I am very happy with the goodies from Abibys October box, however, with their subscription prices starting from €24.90 a month, personally, it’s quite expensive for me compared to Birchbox. But, saying that you get quality and larger products. So it’s fab if you’re looking for high-end beauty stuff. 

If you want to try out Abiby, check out their website and sign up for the TRIAL BOX for only €19.90. You will receive the same quality box that they send their subscribers. Then it’s up to you whether you want to keep a 3-month monthly membership (or upgrade to a 6-month one) or, if, for any reason you have been dissatisfied with the service, you can cancel the membership. As a member, you also get exclusive perks if you invite a friend to Abiby. 

Have you tried any beauty subscription boxes here in Spain? Which ones do you get? Let me know in the comments below!

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