Here in Spain, Córdoba is the place to be if you want to see an array of Mediterranean plants and impressive courtyards. They’re so popular that every year on the first week of May the people of Córdoba proudly open their homes to show off their floral displays. This event is called ‘Fiestas De Los Patios’ (Courtyard Festival). But did you know that as well as making houses look pretty they also have a purpose?

During the summer temperatures in Córdoba, Andalusia can reach up to 38-40°c. Because of this, popular houses have been adapted by the Romans and Moors to make living conditions comfortable. They created their homes to centre around an inner courtyard where residents can spend time outdoors away from the searing heat.

The courtyards were then made into a focal point. Fountains, wells, fruit trees and flowers were then added to keep their home fresh and cool during the summer months.

Patios Of Cordoba

Maybe I cannot replicate the grandeur of a typical Córdoban courtyard in my garden, but I thought I’d give it a go. This will be my first DIY tutorial and I would like to start with something manageable. Creating your own Andalusian wall pots is easy and most of all it’s cheap! I even considered buying them already painted but it seems like a silly thing to do when they’re so simple to make!


  • Flat Back Terracotta Pots
  • Gloss Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hanging Hooks
  • Electric Drill
  • Compost
  • Geraniums


Step 1:

Place newspapers underneath to avoid any messy stains getting on surfaces. Take your brush and begin to paint your pot. You can use any colour you want. I used blue as it’s a great contrast against my white garden wall.

I bought 7 pots and used 375ml paint, it was more than enough for all and I also had a little bit more left over. Feel free to paint as many layers as you want. I used 2 layers if the paint is a good quality you shouldn’t need too many.

Once painted leave your pots to dry.

Prepare and Paint The Pots


Step 2:

Once the pots are dry you can begin planting your geraniums. Fill your pots about a third of compost. Loosen roots on the geraniums so that it’s easier for the plants to settle in their new container.

Place your plants and cover the rest with compost. Press the dirt gently so that the plants are secure. Water the plants and leave them to settle for a day or two.

DIY Andalusian Hanging Wall Pots

Step 3:

Drill a hole and securely place the hooks on the wall. If you are using rounded pots with a lip or rim you can use a wall mounted flower pot holder instead of hooks.

There isn’t a rule on hanging these, it really depends on your personal preference. We have a long white wall in the garden and I thought I would try it out first on the posts, so they look even. I might add more in the future but for now, the alternating posts seem to be an ideal place.

Hanging Wall Pots

Voila! My Andalusian Inspired Wall Pots

So here they are! They’ve transformed the garden and adds some character on these white walls. They’re also a good talking point when visitors come over. The best thing of all, this project cost me just under €50.00 (€49.65 to be exact). All I needed were the pots, geraniums, paint and wall hooks. The compost and paintbrush I already had.

Do you fancy creating something similar? Let me know if you do! What do you think of them? Leave a comment and share your love. 🙂

Spanish Inspired Plant Pots

Spanish Inspired Plant Pots

Spanish Inspired Plant Pots

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  1. Neil Dickinson Reply

    These look great! Been scouring the web for blue pots just like these but can’t find them anywhere. Where do you buy the terracotta wall pots from?

    • Hi Neil! Thanks! I’m glad you like them. I bought the pots from my local garden centre. You can also get them from a Chinese ‘Chino’ shop. They cost around €2.50-3.00. Can’t remember exactly how much now, but they weren’t that expensive.

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