We have finally entered Phase One in Valencia. Here are just some of the first things our family has done since the lockdown started to ease.

It’s been 10 weeks since Valencia began lockdown. Ten weeks of us following the rules and staying at home. Last week Valencia entered Phase One, which means some of the following: 

  • Meet friends or families up to 10 people
  • Free movement around the province 
  • Opening of bar terraces (10%) capacity
  • Travel to second residences within the province 
  • Small businesses under 400m2 have opened
  • Re-opening of garden centres, ITV places, open-air markets and car sales centres
  • Re-opening of worship centres, museums, libraries etc…
Phase One In Valencia
© N332 Phase One In Valencia

I would say the first 2-3 weeks were the hardest. The infection rate rose by the day leaving us wondering what the future holds for the rest of Spain. Homeschooling was a little bit unorganised to start off with, but we finally got into a routine. After 4 weeks, our lockdown lifestyle is starting to be the new normal. 

On the 18th of May, the government finally announced that Valencia will be entering Phase 1. Though we are excited to be finally let out the house, we also knew that we can’t be too complacent. However, it was nice to be able to go out as a family and finally do the things we have been wanting to do since lockdown began. 

Phase One In Valencia: A Week Of Firsts

After being denied of the things we normally take for granted, having the freedom to do things again is a nice. Last week has been a week of firsts, and here are just some of the normal things that we did since Valencia entered Phase One.

Having a coffee

On a usual lockdown day the mood in town is sombre. But on Monday people seem to be a lot happier. Though I didn’t intend to go to a bar on my way to the bakery, I saw the local cafe open with tables and chairs laid outside. And I thought…why not! As there was only one person there, I ordered a cup of café con leche. I swear, it was the best coffee I’ve ever had! 

Phase One In Valencia
The best coffee!

Going out for a walk as a family

Last week we were finally allowed to exercise together as a family. We took advantage of the situation and went for a walk around the campo. We also picked some oranges and lemons on the way home. Times like these you appreciate the simplest things in life. A walk with the family seems like a luxury compared to our situation 10 weeks ago. 

Out in the campo

Getting a haircut!

Our friend who is also a hairdresser came over and fixed us up. She was the first person I invited when Phase One began! On Thursday she came to cut our hair. A nice relief after 3 months, it’s amazing how a haircut can make you feel human again! 

Phase One In Valencia
A much-needed haircut!

We went to McDonalds!

OK, this was a request from my son. Though I could live without McDonald’s forever it was a request that he’s made once we are allowed to eat out again. Thankfully there wasn’t a rush of people, unlike in the UK. Family members told me back home that they queued for 2 hours for KFC! Honestly, how crazy?! 

Phase One In Valencia McDonalds

Restocking on Asian food

Now that we can drive within the province, this weekend we went to Valencia to get our Asian groceries. Since lockdown began we have been missing our usual things like noodles, spices and sauces. It was nice to have our favourite supplies again! 

Asian food shopping!

Going to the garden centre

One thing that I have REALLY missed during lockdown was not being able to go to my local garden centre. On Sunday I headed out early to ensure that I was the first one there. Thankfully there were only a few people around.  It was nice to browse and to finally get some plants for the garden! You don’t know how happy this makes me feel! ☺️

My son played out with friends

Now that people can travel to their second homes, our urbanisation has had an increase of families returning for the weekend. A nice change for my son who has been confined for the last 3 months. His friends are back again and they’re able to play together. Though I’m not keen on the idea at first, I finally gave in and allowed him to play for a few hours with the required mask and gloves. Not great in this weather and it’s not easy to tell kids to social distance, but hearing the laughter and playing is a welcome sound compared to the silence we have been used to in the past 10 weeks. 😊

Final Thoughts

At the time I write this, we are now in the second week of Phase 1.  If all goes well the government will more than likely allow us to enter Phase 2 on the 1st of June. Though it’s nice to have a little bit of normality again, we are not in a hurry to get out there just for the sake of it. We will still continue to shop once a week, avoid crowds and wear the required mask/gloves when out and about. We will enjoy our new found freedom but in moderation. 

Have the rules relaxed where you are? How are you finding it? What’s the first thing you did? Or are you still in lockdown? What are you missing most apart from families and friends?  Let me know on the comments below! 

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.


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