Make this amazing and soft chocolate choux buns with vanilla cream filling. Yes, it’s sinful, but honestly it’s so good! Pronounced ‘shooo’ the choux pastry is a classic French recipe that can be filled with sweet and savoury filling. Personally, I love it with a chocolate icing and cream filling,…

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We have finally entered Phase One in Valencia. Here are just some of the first things our family has done since the lockdown started to ease. It’s been 10 weeks since Valencia began lockdown. Ten weeks of us following the rules and staying at home. Last week Valencia entered Phase…

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A traditional and authentic Filipino chicken adobo recipe that’s so delicious I’m you’ll make it again and again! Adobo is a national dish of the Philippines that can be made with chicken, pork or seafood. Made from a simple marinade, it’s tasty, comforting and delicious served with steamed rice. There…

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