When I re-created the classic sprinkle tray bake 2 years ago, I never thought that it would become so popular. Since then it has been tried and tested by many of my readers with amazing results! So to say thanks I am showcasing the best tray bakes that you guys have made from my recipe! Check them out!

I’m sure many of us remember that certain food that takes us back to our childhood. Mine would be the classic sprinkle traybake. Remember those in primary and middle school? Well two years ago, re-created the recipe and published it on this blog. Little did I know that it would become so popular and so many of you made it too!

Not only it’s popular with my readers, but it’s also a request that I get a lot at home. So much so that I have also re-created the chocolate and jam and coconut version too! Both are equally yummy and moreish!

I guess with lockdown still in place, many people have taken to baking to pass the time. Which is great for polishing your baking skills but not so good if you want to get into those size 10 jeans! But, what the hell, it’s challenging times and sprinkles makes everything better, right? 🌈

Classic Sprinkle Tray Bake

sprinkle tray bake my maria
this will be the third traybake that I have made in the past 2 months!
Sprinkles makes everything better 🙃
super soft and delicious with custard too!

My Favourite Tray Bakes!

Without further ado, here are the best tray bakes that have been sent to me by my readers. Thank you for sharing them! 


Sprinkle Tray Bake
This cake is definitely not lacking in sprinkles! I love the colours! Thanks for sharing your beautiful bake lallskitchen
Sprinkile tray bake
Large pieces of tray bake just the way I like it! Thanks to foodfanatic_mcr for sharing and trying the recipe!
Sprinkle tray bake
Thanks to Katie from Pinterest who sent this beautifully presented tray bake! I want that cake bowl!
Sprinkle Tray Bake
A perfect tray bake from sunshine0511
Sprinkle Tray Bake
What a soft and fluffy looking bake! Thanks to 2020_ourfirsthome for trying and sharing!
Not in a tray but a beautiful bake nevertheless. Thanks to belgravebakes for making it and sharing the photo. 
A lovely bake from subbiebakes, thanks for tagging me!
Thanks to Rosie Whitworth for sending me this beauty via Pinterest. I love the added chocolate eggs!
Sprinkle Tray Bake
Sent to me by Mai on Pinterest, I love them even cake and the very colourful topping! 
Lovely thick icing it looks amazing with the little ball sprinkles. Thanks to Paula for sharing this on Pinterest. 
Sprinkle trat bake
A colourful , prefectly square cakes from slimming_world_shells
Thanks to Lornski for sharing this via Instagram
sprinkle tray bake
Even squares with the perfect icing and just enough amount of sprinkles. This one was sent to me by Hayley on Pinterest. 


tray bake by Mitchell
This cake makes me want to dive right it! Thanks to Mitchell for sending this via Pinterest. 
bake by Jaqui
A mixture of sprinkles, and lovely icing. Another successful bake sent to me by Jaqui through Pinterest. 
bake by Gemma
Love the icing border too, very creative! Baked by Gemma, sent to me via Pinterest. 
It’s so good she made it twice! Thanks, _natzkitchen for sharing your bake!

Final Thoughts

There you go the best sprinkle tray bakes made by my lovely readers. I hope it inspires you to do some baking and to reminisce about the good old days. If you have tried my recipe, please send me a photo via Instagram, email or my Facebook page. Or if you have Pinterest, add your photo on my page

And if you haven’t made this cake yet, why not? Give it a go and check out the recipe here.

Stay safe and happy baking!

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.

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