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Childhood Immunisations in Spain

Childhood Immunisations in Spain

Childhood Immunisations in Spain

From birth until they are between 14-16 years of age, all children have to be immunised. In Spain, it is no different. Once you have moved into your new home you and your family will need to visit the local clinic to be checked and assessed, more importantly if you have small children.

Having your child immunised will prevent them from catching various and serious diseases. Vaccines contain microorganisms or germs that have been weakened to help your child’s immune system to develop specific defences against viruses.

Once immunised, their body will  produce the antibodies necessary to cope with viruses that can be contracted. It is essential to bring your child’s red book from the UK so your local doctor can check which immunisations your child has had.

To help illustrate the necessary childhood immunisations in Spain, I have found an easy to understand infographic stating the correct ages for your child to be immunised.


Childhood Immunisations in Spain


Childhood Immunisation Schedule in Spain

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[su_note note_color=”#fdfcf9″ text_color=”#6c6c6c” radius=”0″]SOURCE: SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF PEDIATRICS (AEP) ** * The varicella (chickenpox) vaccine is not currently provided in Spain ** Each region has its own measures and guidelines when vaccinating children [/su_note]


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