One of my favourite things during winter evenings is the excuse to switch on my ‘cosy’ lights a little earlier than usual. There is something about soft and warm lighting that makes me feel all fluffy inside.  A month after moving in to our new home (over 2 years ago), I ordered a couple of Cable and Cotton fairy lights. Thankfully, they deliver to mainland Spain too, a little more expensive in regards of the postage, but I didn’t mind, I knew they would look lush in our new home.

The lights arrived quickly by courier, well packaged and came in a well presented and sturdy window box. You can see below, I bought a total of 55 lights in pastel and also in bright summery tones, I choose my custom colours and thought the brights would look better in the covered patio while the pastels would be more suitable indoors.

Cable and Cotton Fairy Lights


As you can see, the lights suited the patio area. This is where we usually lounge out during the summer, I would have prefered to have more but for starters it’s not bad.

Unfortunately, 6 months later after purchasing the lights, the bulbs went one by one and in the end both fairy light cables were unusable. I contacted Cable and Cotton and they offered a replacement cable and bulbs but only for one set of lights and with the postage to Spain, I was a little put off. So I decided to leave it at that and find an alternative cable here instead and as it goes in my life, other priorities came first and I have totally forgot about the replacement cables until a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon my lights again (2 years later!)

The lights really add mood to any room so I didn’t want to go another month without them and whilst the idea was in my mind I thought I would give light back to my cotton balls by using one of the fairy lights that I was about to put away from the festive holidays.

The makeover is complete, they look a lot more fancy don’t you think?

Cable and Cotton

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