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Alpuente Valencia

Alpuente Valencia

Anyone who has been to Spain would know how vast this beautiful country is, there are still a lot of hidden places to discover. Since we moved to Valencia I’ve been to amazing places with hidden caves, waterfalls, climbing areas and parts that are not widely available for tourists, places that only the Valencian people know and enjoy.

A few months ago, we decided that the best way to showcase the beautiful hidden parts of Spain is by using an aerial drone. It’s a fun way for us to spend the weekend together in the countryside, filming and reflecting the day’s events over a large pan of paella. It’s amazing how many places I have discovered already with the help of my friends.  Their never ending enthusiasm to show me their beautiful country is contagious, the more they show me these beautiful places, the more I ask them to take me to more!

Situated about an hour and twenty minutes drive north-west of Valencia is the small town of Alpuente.  The town itself is about 13,000 hectares divided into roughly 12 villages. The town retains the charm of its history with typical narrow and steep streets, old houses with shields and crests, stately buildings, walls.  Also, you will find on top of a hill overlooking the village, is the castle ruins of Alpuente which offers an unbeatable and breathtaking view of the area. Aldea is just one of the minuscule villages within Alpuente an abandoned area where ruins of old houses still stand today.

Aldea, Alpuente Valencia


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    Just reading this brings me back to when I toured Spain a couple of years ago. Love this!

    Aug 13, 2014