A few weeks ago I briefly mentioned my ‘lost’ make-up during my last trip to the UK.  It might seem trivial, but I try to buy all my beauty products in the UK, I guess it’s just something that I am used too and I get pretty attached to them. But, thank goodness a few days later my make-up finally came, a little bruised and battered, my eyebrow palette exploded everywhere, but it’s not a big deal. Hurray and my faith are again restored on the Spanish correos!

To add to a good day, my order from Birchbox came. After realising that I lost my entire makeup bag, I needed something to ‘tide me’ over or at least prevent me from looking rough on the days I decide to go out and socialise.  I’m not a heavy makeup wearer so something to give a little colour on my lips and cheeks is enough. The first thing I thought of was a sample I received in April from Birchbox, ¡HOW ’BOUT THEM APPLES? from TheBalm Cosmetics make-up range.

Birchbox Beauty Spain
Birchbox Beauty Spain

This was my first order from Birchbox; my item was delivered within one working day which was a nice surprise. My package came in a box and inside nicely presented small brown bag, it reminded me of lunch, but what the hell, it contained a nice ‘surprise’ inside.

The Balm Palette
The Balm Palette

I didn’t expect the palette to be big, the size is about  4″ wide x 6″ height, it came in a nice and colourful presentation tray with an outer sleeve, also complete with a large mirror.  It will fit nicely in a small bag, but definitely not pocket-sized.

I didn’t care much for the buff naked men representing each colour, but I guess each to their own, I was more excited about the choices of shades that I can experiment with!

The Balm
The Balm

The sassy names we give our products reflect the personality of theBalm… a mix of sexy and serious, smart and funny, romantic and rebellious.

The Balm Palette
The Balm Palette


A light and neutral cheek stain.  It has a subtle pink base a lot suitable for very light to medium skin tones.  Personally, this colour did not suit me because it was too light against my dark skin. Easy to apply, it dried with a matte effect that lasted a few hours.


This one is bolder than the rest of the colours. I only had to apply a little to get the blushed effect.  It would look great on paler skin during the day or night. A versatile colour just adds more or less depending on how vibrant you want it to be.


This has got to be my favourite and the reason why I bought this palette in the first place.  When I tried the sample, I was pleasantly surprised how the coral tint really stood out against my lips and cheek. And having caught the sun more than I would have liked to, it really compliments dark skin tones a nice summery and fresh look. I love it!


Like ‘Pie’ this colour stick with the coral tone, but also a little lighter with a dash of sparkle! It can be used as a light eyeshadow as well as a cheek tint. Because of the glitter, I would use this more on the evenings. A really nice summery tone.


Lives up to its name, very pink and would suit more a younger girl.  I usually stay away from pink but with this tone, its easy to blend and you can apply as less or as much as you want.


An earthy tone. something I may use during the winter months.  My skin colour changes dramatically from summer to winter so I usually change the makeup tones I use. This gives a nice subtle brown and matt effect great if you want to just add a little dark shadow to your face and eyes.

The Balm Make Up Palette
The Balm Make Up Palette

So far, I’m loving my new beauty find, TheBalm Cosmetics brand reminds me a little of Benefit, fresh, sassy and modern with a lot of beauty products to choose from.

The palette is priced at €25.00 which works out at about £19.84.  This does not include the postage fee of €4.95 if purchased directly from Birchbox.  I also used my discount points the value of €10.00 which was deducted from my order, so in total, I only paid €19.95 (£15.83)!


If you take a look at their website, you will find a wide range of beauty products from cosmetics, nail polish, skin and hair care. As well as offering a great selection of goodness, they pride themselves on offering talc, paraben and cruelty-free products.

Check out TheBalm Cosmetic range on Birchbox España!

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