Check out the latest Valencian School Calendar for 2020-2021. Here you will find school events, festivals, fiestas and more…

So here we are another start of the new school year. After a busy and hot summer, I’m finally glad to be back to normality… well from next week anyway.

If you have landed here, then you must be looking for Valencian school dates. This calendar shows the local festivals of Valencia, those of the Valencian Community and national holidays. 

When does school start in Valencia?

In Valencia, kids usually start school around the first week of September. Based on my experience, the first week of school is utilised to get the children used to the new school year. Books and other materials are usually organised during this time. 

School Holidays In Valencia

Unlike in the UK, we do not have a half-term. On the 9th of October is Valencia Day (Dia del Valenciana). For instance, this year, Valencian Day fell on a Friday, which means that they had Friday and Monday off too as it’s the National Day of Spain. 

The next holiday they will have will be the Christmas break. Which usually begins from the 21st of December and ends on the 5th or 7th of January. 

Valencian School Calendar
Valencian School Calendar for 2020-2021


For more detailed information regarding the school dates and holidays in the rest of Spain follow this link.

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