HOMEWORK. One word that send chills into many expat parents in Spain. A subject that can guarantee a reaction in many expatriates gathering! If you’re an expat parent in Spain with young children, I’m sure you know what I mean!

Since my 8-year-old started his new school in September, it’s been impossible to do anything. No, it’s not an exaggeration. I feel like my brain is about to explode with the amount work that my son has to do for school.

I’ve already seen the teacher twice regarding the amount of work my son get sent home with. Of course, in reality there is not much we can do, apart to constantly remind my son that he must work harder at school so that he doesn’t have to bring any extra work at home.

I don’t want to get into the politics of the Spanish education system, as we knowingly had an idea before coming to live in Spain. But sometimes, my frustration level reaches it’s peak and I just have to vent!

Last month has been particularly hard going due to exams. October was my son’s first evaluation and he was tested in the subjects of Valenciano, Castellano, Mathematics, Social Studies and Sciences. We had to revise for those as well as homework to be completed for the next day.

His understanding of Valenciano and Castellano is adequate. But finding motivation from an 8-year-old can prove difficult at times. I mean… he’s 8!  I think it’s an information overload that it comes to the point that he really doesn’t want to do it anymore or at least study and do homework every night.

Thankfully, that we have a good relationship with his teacher and we are both working together to keep him motivated and focused. Believe me, I’m trying everything at the moment! Things are getting a little bit better and we have established a good study routine that works for us. Fingers crossed!

It won’t be long until his next exams (don’t ask!) and I am hoping that before the Christmas holidays things will be a little bit easier once he gets into the routine dedicating an hour or so minimum of study/homework time every night. Not easy for an 8-year-old who would rather play the drums and build Lego after an 8-hour stint at school and to be honest, I don’t really blame him at all!

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