How emotionally prepared were you on the first working day of the year? Yeah, Monday has been hard for me too, luckily the boys go back to school on Wednesday and I still have a day to prepare myself to the normal routine. But to be honest, I am glad that the holidays are over and I can finally get back to looking forward to Spring.

I’m still getting used to the public and regional holidays in Spain, you would think that after all this time (nearly 3 years to be exact) that I would remember, but unfortunately I’m one of those people who has the memory of a seive, and I always have to refer to the ‘other’ calendar just to make sure that I get the right dates. As I have learnt from experience that turning up at school on a holiday does not make you look good in front of the kids. Yes, mom forgot that there’s no school today.

We have a lot of holidays, so keeping track of them is pretty important. Here are the Spanish & Valencian Public Holidays 2015.  Spain will have a total of eight fully national public holidays in 2015 with one of these falling on a Saturday.

Spanish National Holidays 2015


Month  Event
January 1st Thursday New Years Day
January 6th Tuesday Epiphany
April 3rd Friday Good Friday
May 1st Friday Labour Day
August 15th Saturday Assumption of Mary
October 12th Monday Spanish National Day
December 8th Tuesday Immaculate Conception
December 25th Friday Christmas Day


Public Holidays in Valencia, Spain


Month  Event
March 19th Thursday Saint Joseph
April 6th Monday Easter Monday
October 9th Friday Valencian Regional Day
December 7th Monday Monday after Constitution Day


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