And I’m not even packed yet, the in-laws have agreed to have the 4yo while we go for our house and school hunting trip this weekend.  I am very excited as well as anxious worrying about all sorts of things, mainly whether the kids will like it.  But so far so good, they seem to be excited.

Firstly we land in Alicante, we have a few properties to view there as well as well as an appointment with a school, Im rather excited and fearful at the same time.  But I guess thats a normal feeling right?

We viewed a few schools in Valencia, straight after the house viewings. I was quite impressed with some of them, some not as much. One of those was a schools was in Paterna, we didn’t meet the principal and even though there were a handful of staff, non could speak to us in English. But, they were very friendly and made sure that we had all the paper work we needed.

Private school fees are high, but still A LOT cheaper than private schools back in the UK, I would say if you’re thinking of putting your child in a British School in Spain then you would need at least £2.500 -3000 for the initial fees, deposits, uniform and books, but this all depends on the school that they are going to.  This figure is based on the school we have visited.

Of course you also have to consider the monthly fees, dinners and transport.  Which can work out to about 500-800 euros per month, per child.  This is just an estimate, again based on the schools that we viewed.  It’s a lot to think about.  If I could give advice to someone who has children and thinking about relocating I would say do it when they’re still small, because it certainly makes a difference with schooling.  Our 4 year old will be enrolled in a Spanish State school, these are free, but I think nowadays some schools only ask that you buy the books.  This is also a great way for your child to integrate in to the Spanish language.

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