Every culture has it superstitions, my mother particularly is a firm believer of these notions. These ways or superstitions are usually passed on from generations and even though I’ve grown up in the UK, these traditions are still embedded in me and sometimes can’t help but smile and think… why the hell did I believe that?!

Here are just some examples that my mother and grandmother use to tell me;

  • You should never sleep with your head facing the door – until this day, it scares the beejeezus out of me, this is the position of death! (from what I can recall)
  • Sleep with scissors next to you and some garlic when you’re pregnant – just in case a mananagal takes a shine to you.
  • Don’t eat before bed time– you will never wake up. (I can confirm now folks that this is not true!)
  • If you are walking through the bushes, forest or anywhere where there’s a sign of high vegetation you are meant to say “tabi po”- which means “Please excuse me I’m passing through”. This is the sign of respect for any fairies or dwarfs that might just be hanging around. After all you don’t want to step on anyones toes right?
  • Never change your pillow covers in the evening – I never knew what this meant but until this day it still makes me think twice!
  • A person who has big ears will live long – that’s me done for.
  • If you drop a spoon on the floor – it means a female will be coming to visit you soon. If its a fork then it will be a male.
  • Never play with your food – this will give you a stomach ache.
  • Whistle to make the wind blow – I usually find that I only have to feed my husband a hot curry and this happens.
  • If your palm becomes itchy usually means money is coming you way.
  • Put a wet piece of paper on your forehead to cure hiccups– now, you can imagine how silly I might have looked every time I had hiccups and my mother decided to ‘cure’ me with this method.

So what did you used to believe in?

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.


  1. Filipinos have a lot of superstitions. I used to believe that sweeping the floor at night would shoo good luck away. That a black cat crossing your path means danger. Turn your plates when someone leaves before you especially if there is still an unmarried girl eating on the table coz she might end up an old maid if you don’t turn your plates. About the hiccups, my grandma has a more gross version—-a strip of thread wet by saliva. :d

  2. @Bingkee: Oh yeah the wet saliva trick thats pretty gross when you come to think of it now. Lol. I tell my kids about these superstitions and I swear they think Im making it up!

  3. I still practice whistling to get a strong breeze. I dont know, it seemed to work when I was kite flying when I was a boy.Now I am in Ireland I dont need it because we receive gale force winds everyday.

  4. Yes, its true sometimes hahahha its happens on me. When my hands itchy wow i think about money agad di ba. Minsan totoo naman.

    Have a nice day.

  5. My superstitions included you must sleep with pants on or you will get gas. Also, if you sleep with a fan on you will get gas. The fan will make the air go inside. Even now I don’t like to sleep with a fan unless I have lots of cover! Oh, don’t go to bed with wet hair, I guess it makes your hair white. Hubby does it all the time and his hair is…never mind must be true!

  6. My lola made me do the wet paper-on-the-forehead trick to cure my hiccups. Didn’t work! Another superstition that grosses me out is the one about not taking a bath when you have your period. It just goes to show we Pinoys are one creative bunch!

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