I have been meaning to write this informative post for a while about non-UK Passport holders wishing to travel to Europe and are confused about visa policies if they are married or related to an EU citizen. After doing a little research I have found out that in some cases holders of non-British passports DO NOT need a visa in order to visit the following countries, if you meet the criteria listed below. Please note that this information is for people who are travelling to Schengen Countries from the United Kingdom ONLY.

– If you are a child (under 21) /spouse of an EU/EEA National (click here for list of EU Countries).

– You MUST be traveling together with your spouse/ family member who is an EU/EEA national.

– You must provide proof of marriage or birth (if a child of an EU/EEA National). These must be legalized and in English or translated into the official language of an EU member country.

– If you hold a “Residence Card of a Family Member of an EEA National”

– If you have been given ‘Leave to remain in the United Kingdom for an indefinite period’ stamped on your passport.

– If you are only planning a short stay in the chosen country.

List of EU countries that you do not need a visa for IF you meet the above criteria.

– Austria

– Bulgaria

– Cyprus

– Estonia

– Germany

– Greece

– Hungary

– Netherlands

– Poland

These are the list of countries that REQUIRES visa on entry, but most of them waive the fee in accordance of producing the relevant supporting documents, proving the relationship to the EU / EEA national (spouses, descendants and dependent ascendants). Please check the official websites for detailed information, as some embassies charge an administration fee with each application. Remember that their policies also change in time so please use this a guide only.

– Belgium

– Czech Republic

– Denmark

– France

– Finland

– Ireland

– Italy

– Latvia

– Lithuania

– Malta

– Norway

– Portugal

– Slovakia

– Spain

– Switzerland

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