The C Word

Would you believe that we are only a little month over away until Christmas?! I started this month with good intentions, all planned out so that the ‘C’ word doesn’t creep up on me, but no. This month had been an eventful blur and chaos! Today I looked at the calendar and thought f*** !!!! I haven’t even planned or bought anything Christmassy!

The temperatures have been crazy too. With 6°c during the mornings and evenings. Then 25°c during the day! I don’t know whether to put a jumper on or wear shorts! No wonder we’re catching all these pesky colds and coughs. During the past week and a half, you’d probably mistake our home for a quarantine base, complete with Vicks, layers of blankets and endless supply chicken soup.

Chicken Soup
My home made medicine 😉

Meanwhile at school…

With the sickness in full swing, my son had to take a few days off school, which of course set us back again with homework. But at least, the meeting with the teacher was productive, and my son was granted temporary respite from two subjects until he finally catches up which are both in Valenciano. Thank goodness for small victories!

This has given us the opportunity focus more on other things, such as creating a 3D flower model for Ciencias de la Naturaleza. I mean, really?! But, we delivered. Here is the finished product, with a little help from me.

Paper Flower Project
Our 3D flower

My thoughts on Paris

The past week had been shocking and somber for everyone with the terror attacks in Paris. I wrote about here, and how I explained to my son about ‘bad things’ that’s been going on. How do you describe to a child something like this?

I found this post from Cogito Ergo Mum and how she approached talking to her children about Paris. Clara from Expat Partner Survival also shared her thoughts many I found interesting. She touches upon some important issues and also how we can all make a difference by educating ourselves on different cultures through reading and sharing stories from people around the world.

The delayed house move

An unexpected setback had prevented us from moving into our new home, which has put a spanner on the works. Nothing too serious, but my plans to get everything in order for this month has gone into the ‘f**** it bucket’. We are currently living in a disorganised house surrounded by boxes and rolls of bubble wrap! My list of ‘things to do’ is getting longer and I am slowly losing the will to live!

Then the cat had a hole in his chin

The cat also had a little mishap, well, an abscess on his chin that required an emergency operation and numerous trip to the vets. Thankfully he’s on his way to recovery, but this had been his third operation since we moved to Spain. Which always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times!

Happier Endings

On happier and festive note. I’ve noticed that it’s been the battle of the Christmas TV Adverts in the UK. I saw the ‘Man on the Moon’ by John Lewis. It was great but left me feeling a little well…emotional. Sainsburys Mog’s Christmas Calamity, however, is more my thing. I mean, we all like funny cat videos right?!

So, that’s my week in review and I’m glad that it’s nearly over. The boy and the cat are on the mend. Hopefully, we will hear something today about the house and I’m feeling good that we’re eventually catching up with school work which returned some positive feedback from his tutors.

During these times, it’s almost petty to complain about the little things. The recent events certainly have put life into perspective. Next week is another chance for me to start again, as the saying goes ‘When something goes wrong in your life. Just, yell “plot twist” and move on.’

Now, excuse me while I make my 4th cup of coffee. :-#

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.

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  1. I am reading this post two weeks too late, and I hope that this week has been a bit better!

    Especially now we have this long weekend and I hope closer to Christmas, the amount of homework for your children decreases a bit. Though I wouldn’t know about that? Since I heard that children do homework here during the summer break. Amazing.

    Have a lovely weekend, x.

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