Friday is usually is my ‘inspiration’ day. Doing the job that I do, I am in constant research of anything different and on trend. And how I love days like these when I can sit down in front of my laptop with a cup of coffee in hand, browsing curious and funky designs on the internet for inspiration.

My latest Friday Find would be this adorable wall hung flower pot designed by Jeong Seungbin at Korea’s DailyLife Lab.  As well as being practical it is also fun and visually appealing! The pots that come in two colours can be used for plants that have shallow roots, such as minature cactis and succulents.

Rainy Pot

Rainy Pot

Rainy Pot




Rainy Pot

When filled with water, the pots cloud shaped holder slowly and evenly send drops of ‘rain shower’ across the planter, so there are no water spillage when you water your plant. These planters are also available to buy in UK and Europe, good to know because I think I’ll be adding them on my wishlist!

Where To Buy:  UK & Spain madeindesign

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