SH Hotel Villa Gadea Altea

SH Villa Gadea: 7 Days In Altea

I would say that Altea is probably one of my favourite towns in Alicante. Only an hour and a half drive south of Valencia it’s a town with a lot of character and relaxed surroundings, quite surprising as it’s only a 15-minute drive away from the vibrant atmosphere of Benidorm. After visiting Altea more than […]

Sisterly Time

Hola! Back from a month hiatus

It’s true, I have not updated for over a month. April became a big blur as soon as I took my trip to the UK. With a lot of things going on, including our home moving plans, work and kids the month quickly passed. As if by magic it’s already June and I’ve felt particularly […]


My upcoming trip to the UK

Excited! The first word that comes into my mind! I have finally organised my trip back to the UK for next month! Flights and hotels are booked the only thing left to do now is to look forward to seeing my much-missed family and friends! This trip will also be a little break for me, […]

Bull run Pedralba

Summer in Valencia Spain

We are not short of sunshine here in Valencia, so even though my husband and I spend our time working during the week, we are certain that on weekends we can rely on the continuous sunshine to make family time with the kids.  It really depends what you’re into, we’re a kind of family who […]

Alpuente Valencia

Anyone who has been to Spain would know how vast this beautiful country is, there are still a lot of hidden places to discover. Since we moved to Valencia I’ve been to amazing places with hidden caves, waterfalls, climbing areas and parts that are not widely available for tourists, places that only the Valencian people know and enjoy. A […]

A weekend getaway in Valencia

The stress of work have been taking over our lives lately, for the past few months, it seems like that the husband and I hardly have time to do anything together. I guess one of the best things about living in Spain is that we do have a social life and during weekends our kids get […]

Discovering: Alpuente, Valencia

One thing I would say about our new life in Valencia is that weekends are unpredictable. Yesterday we went to our normal Spanish Sunday breakfast with friends along with my mother & partner (who have been staying with us for the festive holidays). A normal Sunday would usually start at 10 am at our local […]