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6 Stunning Pueblos to Visit Outside of Valencia

6 Stunning Pueblos to Visit Outside of Valencia

6 Stunning Pueblos to Visit Outside of Valencia

Oh, Spain! Land of the beautiful pueblos (villages) where time stands still. Valencia, on the east coast of Spain, is home to hundreds of ancient villages rich in history and dating back to the Moorish and Medieval eras. From foreboding fortresses through to ancient cobbled streets. New York travel company AllTheRooms recommends hiring a car and hitting the road to check out a few of these stunning pueblos:

1. Morella


© Morella Turística | Morella, Spain

With a dramatic hilltop castle and well-preserved Medieval town. It’s easy to see why Morella makes such a popular day trip for those staying in Valencia.

The town, a two-hour drive north of Valencia, is known to be one of the most beautiful pueblos in the country. Spend the day walking through the town’s winding streets and visit the nearby María La Vella caves, known for their prehistoric cave art.

Elsewhere, the Castillo de Morella castle towers above the city on a hilltop and makes a great place to explore and escape the midday heat. The town is also known for its impressive mixture of Medieval and Gothic architecture and has well-preserved Medieval walls.

2. Bocairent


© Bocairent.org | Boicarent, Spain

Bocairent, located in the Valencia region, is a beautiful pueblo in the heart of the mountains. The village’s historic centre features excellent examples of Moorish architecture and culture, where visitors can see Arab detailing in the stairs, tiling and town squares.

Top places to visit in Bocairent include the Plaça de Bous, a historic bullring dating back to 1843 and the oldest ring in the Valencia Region, and the Vicent Casanova Archaeological Museum, the spot to find out more about the town’s history.

3. Alboraya

Alboraya, Valencia

© Francisco Javier Prieto Lopez, Flickr | Alboraya, Valencia

Alboraya is a charming pueblo best known for its delicious horchata drink, which is a refreshing beverage made from tiger nut milk. The pueblo is surrounded by fields where the tiger nuts grow and the drink was brought to Spain by the Arabs over one thousand years ago.

It’s a great place to discover more about the history of the Arab influence in the region. The pueblo has a gorgeous historic centre, perfect for a peaceful afternoon stroll. The town is made up of ancient farmhouse buildings and art-deco style buildings that date to the 19th and 20th century.

Top buildings to visit include the la Casa Señorial del Conde de Zanoguer, a restored house from the 17th century and the Teatro L’Agricola, a historic theatre. There are also two beaches nearby if you want to cool down in the sea after a busy day exploring.

4. Altea


© Restaurante Juan Abril | Altea, Spain

Altea is a classic whitewash coastal town just an hour’s drive from Valencia. It’s best known for its picturesque historic centre made up of narrow winding streets and ancient white houses.

In the heart of the Old Town is a beautiful two-domed church, or the Parroquial de la Virgen del Consuelo, which is known for its impressive tile-work.

The town is thought to be an artists’ heaven and is filled with quaint restaurants and small shops. The pueblo is located right by the beach with soft sands and clear waters, a great place to stay for one or two nights.

5. Albarracín


© Jesus Abizanda | Albarracin, Spain

Albarracin is a tiny pueblo thought to be one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Visiting the town is like taking a step back in time, seemingly completely untouched by modernity.

The pueblo is nestled in the mountains and has towering Medieval walls. Travellers can walk the village’s winding streets and imagine they are living in the Medieval era.

6. Xàtiva

Xativa, Valencia

© Ohla Living | Xativa, Valencia

One of the seven wonders Castillo de Xàtiva prides itself on great strategic location dominating the high mountains of the Sierra Vernissa. It is also considered one of the best fortresses, not only of the Crown of Aragon but of the entire peninsula.

Xàtiva is a pretty pueblo known for its picturesque historic Arab quarter, filled with narrow, cobblestone streets dating back thousands of years. The pueblo is home to an impressive fortress perched on a hilltop where visitors can enjoy views of the surrounding mountains.

*This is a guest post provided by AllTheRooms. 


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