Golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, and sun-kissed days – that’s Moraira for you! But this gem on Spain’s Costa Blanca is more than just its scenic beauty; it’s a haven for families looking for memories to cherish. Whether it’s your first visit or your tenth, there’s always something new to discover with your loved ones. So, if you’re pondering, “What to do in Moraira for families?”, fret not! Dive into my guide packed with activities, ensuring smiles and laughter for all ages.

For such a quaint town, Moraira checks a lot of boxes. The journey from Valencia to Moraira is a breeze; in just a tad over 90 minutes, you’re transported to this slice of paradise. And for paddle boarding enthusiasts like us, it’s the ultimate spot. With its serene coves and mild weather, springtime, summer and autumn in Moraira is simply delightful.

What to do in Moraira for families
Playa de l’Ampolla, Moraira

Moraira – a little coastal paradise just an over hour away from Valencia

There’s a few beach side towns that we love near Valencia, I have mentioned Javea, Denia, Peñiscola and Altea in the past. But Moraira is one of the smallest towns that we have really fallen in love with. Tucked away amidst the rugged mountains and framed by picturesque Spanish villas, Moraira is a captivating ancient fishing village that might just tempt you to put down roots! Even with its petite stature and a close-knit community of just 14,000, Moraira brims with attractions and activities.

What to do in Moraira for families

So, what brings families to Moraira? Interestingly, many tourists we’ve encountered are here visiting relatives residing in Moraira. While it might not always feature prominently in mainstream travel guides, Moraira has its own loyal following. Some have chanced upon this destination, others have made it a regular retreat, and then there are those who have the privilege of knowing someone local. Clearly, Moraira’s appeal is multifaceted and enduring.

Family friendly beaches in Moraira 

Family friendly beaches in Moraira

Playa del Portet 

This is a favorite among families. It’s a small, shell-shaped beach with calm, shallow waters making it perfect for children. The beach is lined with cafes and restaurants, so you can grab a bite or a drink while the kids play. The clear waters also give paddleboarders a great view of the marine life below.

Playa de l’Ampolla 

Located near the castle, this is the largest beach in Moraira. With fine golden sand and gentle waves, it’s ideal for families. There’s also a playground for children, and during the summer, there are lifeguards on duty. 

Playa Les Platgetes

This is a combination of sandy beaches and rocky coves. There are wooden walkways making it easier for strolls and pushing prams. It’s a quieter spot and can be great for families looking for a more serene beach experience.

Cala L’Andrago

While it’s a pebbly beach, it’s known for its clear waters which are perfect for snorkeling. If your family enjoys exploring marine life, this is a good spot. However, due to its rocky nature, it might be more suitable for families with older kids.

Cala Cap Blanc

This secluded cove requires a bit of a walk to access, but it’s worth it for its natural beauty and tranquil setting. Again, because it’s rocky, it’s great for snorkelling but might be best for families with older children or teens.

While all these beaches have their unique charm, always remember to check for amenities that are essential for your family, like restrooms, showers, and nearby restaurants. If you’re visiting during the summer months, arriving early is advisable to secure a good spot, especially at the more popular beaches like Playa del Portet and Playa de l’Ampolla.

Playa de l’Ampolla

Moraira Castle 

This historic fortress is located right next to Playa de l’Ampolla and can be a fun, educational excursion for the family. “Castell de Moraira,” is one of the town’s most iconic landmarks and dates back to the 18th century. It was built as part of a defensive system to protect the coastline from pirates and corsairs who frequently attacked the Mediterranean shores during that time. 

While you can walk around the exterior of the Moraira Castle (Castell de Moraira) and admire its architecture and the panoramic views it offers of the surrounding beach and sea, the interior of the castle itself isn’t generally accessible to the public.

There aren’t extensive rooms or chambers inside to explore as with some other larger castles. However, the exterior and the immediate surroundings provide plenty of historical context, and informational boards give insights into its past. 

One of the highlights of visiting the castle is the panoramic view it offers. Overlooking the Mediterranean, the castle provides stunning vistas of the sea, making it a popular spot for photography.

Family Boat Trips In Moraira

Moraira, with its idyllic coastline and clear blue waters, is a popular spot for boat trips. Boat trips offer a unique way to experience the coastline, explore secluded coves, and even catch a glimpse of marine life. Boat trips typically operate during the warmer months when the weather is favourable and there’s a higher influx of tourists.

The season begins around late Spring from April or May. The peak season (and tourism in general) in Moraira is during the summer months of June, July, and August. During this period, there are usually multiple boat trips a day. The season might extend into early autumn, wrapping up by late September or October, depending on the weather and demand.

When looking for a family boat trip in Moraira it’s a good idea to check reviews. Ensure that the service provider has good recent reviews and is reputable. Also check what the tour offer, some might include food, drinks , snorkle and paddle board equipment. Always clarify what is included in the price. 

Booking in advance avoids disappointment especially during the peak tourist season. Boat trips are in high demand during the months of June to August. 

Snorkeling Spots In Moraira for Families

If you’re looking for a family-focused snorkeling activity in Moraira then Playa de Portet is perfect. This beach offers calm, shallow waters suitable for children and beginners. Its sandy stretches are ideal for kids to play, while the rocky sides of the cove are great for a family snorkeling adventure. Parents can comfortably introduce their little ones to the joys of spotting marine life here.

Once your little ones had an introduction to the joys of snorkeling then you may want to venture out to Cala Cap Blanc. This beach is quieter, more secluded, and great for families wanting a serene snorkeling experience. The rocky underwater environment is a haven for fish and other marine creatures, captivating the interest of both young and old.

Mini Golf for Families in Moraira

After spending the day soaking up the sun at the beach, consider winding down with a game of mini-golf for the kids. The Brevis Mini Golf and Tapas Restaurant is the perfect spot! While you relish a meal paired with a refreshing glass of wine, the space also offers a playground for the little ones to expend their remaining energy.

Here, children will find their own special area, brimming with activities such as mini golf, inflatables, mini track and a soft play area. And for the grown-ups? A chance to take a breather and savour a delightful meal. Every detail has been thought of with the entire family in mind. 

Moraira Friday Market

The Friday Market in Moraira is a staple for both locals and tourists. Every week, the heart of Moraira comes alive with the bustling energy of its market. From the early morning hours, stalls unfurl a riot of colours, fragrances, and sounds that encapsulate the spirit of the region.

Wander through the lanes and you’ll discover fresh produce, handpicked from local farms, showcasing the very best of the season. From juicy Valencian tomatoes to sun-ripened oranges, it’s a feast for the senses. Alongside the produce, vendors proudly display local crafts, clothing, and other treasures that tell tales of the region’s rich history and culture.

Planning a visit? Don’t forget to carry a basket or reusable bag. Whether you’re hunting for artisanal souvenirs, indulging in local delicacies, or simply soaking up the ambiance, the Friday Market in Moraira promises memories that linger long after your visit.

Day Trips In Moraira For Families

If Moraira is not enough for the kids, then consider day trips to nearby towns such as Javea, Calpe, and Altea. They each offer unique attractions and are just a short drive away.

Calpe and the Peñón de Ifach

Just a short drive away, Calpe welcomes you with its impressive rock formation, the Peñón de Ifach. It’s perfect for families that love a bit of adventure. Take a hike up for breathtaking views or enjoy the sandy beaches below. And yes, there’s also abundance of ice-cream shops to reward those tired little legs!

Javea/Xàbia Old Town

Dive into history by wandering through the narrow streets of Javea’s Old Town. Whitewashed buildings, historic churches, and little plazas are perfect for a family photo session. Stop by local bakeries to treat the kids (and yourself) to some sweet delights.

Algar Waterfalls

An oasis of cool cascades and freshwater pools, the Algar Waterfalls are ideal for a refreshing dip. It’s nature’s very own waterpark! Just remember to pack some waterproof shoes and towels.

Guadalest Castle 

Perched high on a mountain, this picturesque village offers panoramic views, historic castles, and interesting museums. The journey itself, winding through scenic routes, is an experience the whole family will cherish.

Moraira the perfect place for families

Ah, Moraira! Every time I think of this charming town, I’m instantly reminded of its laid-back vibes. This haven isn’t just about picturesque landscapes; it’s a canvas where family memories are painted. 😊🌴

Moraira feels like that beloved old storybook, each page offering a familiar warmth. From challenging the kiddos (and let’s be real, the adults too!) in friendly mini-golf competitions to those magical moments when the entire family is captivated by the endless azure sea, this town is a treasure trove of shared experiences.

As you wander its quaint Spanish streets, the aroma of fresh paella from a nearby tapas bar might entice you. Oh, and those bustling markets? They’re not just places to shop; they’re where little hands find trinkets, and older ones find artisanal treasures.

It’s no wonder Moraira holds such a special place in our hearts. Whether we’re balancing on paddleboards, challenging the waves, or just savouring a leisurely breakfast overlooking the sea, each moment feels like a lovingly wrapped gift.

So, here’s to Moraira – our cherished escape, our family’s happy place and I hope it will be yours too! If you want to check out some photos and reels of our days out in Moraira, check out my Instagram!

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