If you are traveling to or are considering moving to Valencia, you certainly want to research the area you are moving to. If you have children, particularly, it’s important that the area you move to has a variety of fun activities for the children and the whole family.

If you are considering becoming an expat, certainly consider moving to Valencia. With activities such as Bioparc, Aquarama, Oceanografic, the Turia River and Gulliver’s Park, there is lots of fun for the whole family and children!

I have compiled a list of exciting things to do with the kids in Valencia. I hope you find them useful and its definitely on our list of ‘Things to Do’ this summer!

Bioparc: The Bioparc is located near the Turia River in Valencia. It is much different from many other zoos that people are familiar with. The Bioparc goes to great lengths to recreate the natural habitats and ecosystems of the animals it houses, using rivers, lakes, stones, ponds, and foliage to separate the animals and the visitors, rather than cages and railings. It creates a more natural environment and experience than traditional zoos.

Aquarama: The Aquarama water and amusement park is fun for the whole family in Valencia. It features wild Kamikaze Slides, a huge variety of restaurants and entertainment, and is conveniently located near many other attractions in Valencia.

Oceanografic: The Oceanografic is the single largest aquarium in Europe. It features modern designs and thousands of sea creatures to explore, enjoy, and educate. From brilliant tropical fish to a dolphin exhibit, the Oceanografic is a fantastic, educational place for children and adults to explore. Even the building itself features beautiful architecture, and the exhibits and marine life featured in the aquarium can take hours to explore.

Turia River: The Turia River empties into the Mediterranean Sea. After the flood of 1957, the Turia River was re-routed, and the dry riverbed now runs through the city. It allows pedestrians to easily travel around the city of Valencia, plus providing a great environment for cyclists and skaters to engage in their hobbies as well.

It also features the beautiful Garden of Turia, which features numerous ponds, paths, fountains, flower beds, football pitches, cafés, artworks, climbing walls, an athletics track, a zen garden and more. It is a beautiful place to relax, gain peace of mind, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and catch some sun and fresh air.

Gulliver’s Park: Gulliver’s park is another key feature of the Turia River. It is a children’s adventure playground and features a huge fiberglass, larger than life model of Lemuel Gulliver tied to the ground with ropes. The model is constructed in a way that the ropes are climbable for children to explore and play. In addition, Gulliver’s clothes form slides and ladders on which children can play. Lemuel Gulliver was the protagonist in the well-known stories of Gulliver’s Travels, and is a key figure in classical children’s literature.

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