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Things I Do When My Husband Is Away

Things I Do When My Husband Is Away

Things I Do When My Husband Is Away

My husband doesn’t go away often, but once in a while his job requires him to travel to the U.S for a week or so. Having been together for 13 years and working constantly with each other all day everyday, meaning that since we got together, we’ve not been apart for too long. Unless of course he has to go away on business trips or if I have to go and visit family back in the UK.

This time will be the longest that he’s been away from us. A whole two weeks of just me and the boys, living it up – ‘alone’.

Since he left a week and a half ago, I’ve also taken a over a few days off work to spend more time with the boys and catch up with things that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. On the positive side, I have less washing and there’s no one leaving wet towels on the bed!

After a few days the excitement of being alone for two weeks start to dissipate, when I realise that I’m the sole responsible adult in the house. Who do I discuss things with? What if the kids get sick? What about if the car breaks down?!

I know, I know. It’s not like he’s going on a one-way trip to Mars, but the thought of being alone with my bickering boys for a whole two weeks is just a tad bit scary. With no immediate family to call on to, I am more determined to prove to myself, that I CAN DO THIS! (Single parents and army wives, seriously. I’m not worthy!)

So here I am. Only 4 days to go until we are together again. The house is still intact, the kids were fed and I didn’t have a meltdown (not once)!  The only thing that I really missed was our conversations, especially in the evenings. But all is not bad as I found out in the past week that there are also perks of being ‘home alone’!

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I get excited about the extra space on the bed

Finally, a couple of weeks having the bed all to myself! Imagine all the extra space! I can spread out without anyone complaining that I’m pushing or taking the covers off in the middle of the night! But the novelty soon wears off. Three nights in the week, I realise that I love cuddling more than I thought…

I can look like shit everyday

I don’t claim that I walk around looking like Victoria Beckham everyday, but seriously, with no one to make an effort for, I am relieved that I am free to roam around in my pyjamas whenever I feel like, without feeling paranoid that he’s judging the current ‘homeless look’ I’m sporting.

Being able to pig out infront of the TV without judgement

The boys are in bed, I’m on my own. What else is there to do than watch TV and devour an embarrassing amount of  Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? At this point in time, I can really relate to Bridget Jones, with “All by myself” replaying in my head as I pig out while watching episodes of Murder She Wrote.

I suddenly aquire super powers in calculating time difference

I’m about to go to bed so that usually mean that he’s in the middle of his day. This whole time difference thing is awkward, and we don’t really get the time to video call each other as I know he’s constantly around people. Texting becomes our standard form of communication, unless of course it’s the weekend when we can finally Skype. How dare he do other things in a different time zone?!

I become an expert in home security

As soon as the sun goes down, the doors and windows are locked, no one is getting in OR out!  Even the slightest and unusual noises feed horror to my overactive imagination and I automatically consider every item in the room as a possible weapon.  Just in case some high on crack burglars with lots of guns are trying to get in!  Oh Please be my cat… please be my cat!

Watching whatever I want on Netflix without anyone complaining!

Midsomer Murders marathon here I come!

But having a bad day on my own really sucks!

After the early mornings and long drive to Barcelona last weekend, Monday and Tuesday was really tough. The boys didn’t help either with their constant bickering and whining about stupid things. With tiredness being the main factor I started to feel a little down, lonely and depressed. Not having a hug available on demand really sucks! 🙁

I start to find myself having deep conversations with the cat

Let’s face it, after a few days of the lack of adult conversation I start to miss having someone to talk to. During the evenings I find myself answering to the cats meows. Usually replying along the lines of “Yeah I know… I miss him too.”

Realise that I miss the little things and how much I appreciate him being around

I guess that proves that absence makes the heart grow fonder and there’s only a week left until he gets back. I’m excited to hear how his project have gone and to tell him about the things that has happened while he’s been away.

I’m happy being apart for a short time for a few times a year. It’s not the end of the world! Yes, it can be lonely but I also believe that having a little time away is good.

So here is to a few more days and I’m going to damn well enjoy it while I can! 😀


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