The first cat cafe in Valencia, Spain

In the past decade, many cat cafés have opened all over the world and as a cat lover myself, I am pleased to tell you that the first cat cafe has finally arrived in Valencia, Spain!

Did you know that the cat café concept originally started in Taiwan? Many Taiwanese love cats, but are unable to own one due to work commitments, property restrictions or financial commitments. So cat cafes were invented to serve as an ideal place to stop by and spend a little time with cats without the demands of long-term responsibilities.

Cat Café In Valencia

“El Passatge Dels Gats” is in collaboration with Adaana Association, a rescue organisation in Valencia. They are both working together to give abandoned and rescue cats a chance to be rehomed, from a comfortable and homely setting.  If you are looking for a cat it’s a great place to get to know them while you have a cup of coffee and a cake! What could be more purrfect?!

Cat Cafe In Valencia
Copyright: El Passatge Dels Gats – Cat Café, Valencia


Cat Cafe Valencia
Copyright: El Passatge Dels Gats Cat Café – Facebook

The cats also benefit from being socialised.  It’s a great way to get see their individual personalities as it’s set in a comfortable setting. Much more relaxed than if you was to visit them in a typical cattery.

All the cats are sterilised, tested, vaccinated and dewormed to make the adoption process easier. Like many cat cafés, a reservation is required. You can do this via telephone or contact them through their website. You can also choose from four types of reservation:

Bronze – 30 mins –  €3.00 ?

Silver – 60 mins – €5.00 (drink) ? ☕️

Gold – 90 mins – €6.50 (drink & cookie) ? ☕️  ?

Platinum – 90 mins – €8.00 (drink & cake) ? ☕️ ?

Cat cafés are excellent for making people aware just how many rescued cats need a home. It’s a great way of giving them a good quality of life while socialising them and hopefully meeting their future families in the process. Even if you’re not looking to adopt, it’s a great way of donating towards the upkeep and welfare of the kitties. If you’re a cat lover and happen to be in Valencia, why not pop in and say hi?!

Visit their website: El Passatge Dels Gats – Cat Café

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