There are many articles out there on how to work from home efficiently. But what about work at home mums who also need to keep their sanity? How do we function as a mum, wife and keep the business going at the same time without losing our damn minds!?! Here are some tips and tricks, in keeping myself focused. So I can enjoy a productive and happy balance between running a business and family life.

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I wanted to post something while the thought is still fresh in my mind. For the second time in a year, Paris was brought down to its knees again by terrorism. This time, affecting more innocent people as they go on about their normal Friday night. Looking forward to the…

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When I tell people I get excited about the weekends, they can’t seem to understand why. Some friends back home like to remind me that I work for myself (and live in Spain), which to some can seem that my life is just one big holiday. Fair enough, were fortunate…

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