I’ve only been to Valencia City 5 times since we moved here last year, it was tricky the first couple of times not only that I didn’t know where the hell everything is, but the language barrier was a big problem too. At least back in the UK if I travelled to a different city, I KNOW for sure that I can ask people for directions, but not so easy in this part of Spain.

So I was excited (yes quite sad, but I was) to find this new Valencia Metro App in English version. The interface was clean and easy to understand. One of the best features is being able to check your pre-paid metro cards balance on the go along with notifications when your balance is running low. In addition to favourite stations, the app also added favourite routes.

Valencia Metro App Features

  • Calculates the route between any two Metro Valencia Network
  • The application looks for the closest station to your location.
  • Select the stations by using the easy to navigate station list.
  • Add favourite stations for easy access.
  • Indicates if you need to change trains.
  • States the address, time remaining and the time of the next five stops
  • A full plan and map of the Metro Valencia Network.
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