Happy Halloween!

Well, finally I have managed to sort out my site and here it is...ta-dah! I've been so frustrated having not blogged for over a week and sorry guys for not being able to visit your blogs lately. But now I'm

Understanding Filipino superstitions

Every culture has it superstitions, my mother particularly is a firm believer of these notions. These ways or superstitions are usually passed on from generations and even though I've grown up in the UK, these traditions are still embedded in

My life in the 21st Century

So what is it like to live in the 21st century?  Yes, I have a mobile phone, a laptop, 4 computers, a PS3, DS console, HD TV, not including 3 extra TVs, my husband carries around an MDA like his

Happy Days! Places to go with the kids UK

Now summer holidays are here, kids can run riot and take over your quiet days.  I never found it easy organising days out.  If you're like me who has two or more kids there's always bound to be some kind
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