Friday Find: Whimsical Ceramics By Barruntando

Another one of my #FridayFinds this one is from a very talented small company in Avilés (Asturias), Spain, an area well known for it's traditional craft making from raw materials such as pottery, wood, leather and iron. Ceramic Cupcake Holder
Cotton Lights

Cable and Cotton Fairy Lights

One of my favourite things during winter evenings is the excuse to switch on my 'cosy' lights a little earlier than usual. There is something about soft and warm lighting that makes me feel all fluffy inside.  A month after
List Of Positives

January: List of Positives

Would you believe that we are half way through 2015 is already?  I hate to say it, but the days are crusing by so quickly as it does every year! It only seems like a few days ago that my
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Days of Winter | Días de Invierno

The 7 year old graduated to his second bike this Christmas, according to him it's the best bike in the world.. so far. I'm not quite sure what that means but we're glad that he is finally able to replace
Slow Cooked Curry

RECIPE: Slow Cooked Curry

It's been a hectic few weeks regarding work and home,  I am currently at an end of a project and it's been taking up a lot of my time, hence the lack of appearance on my blog. But fear not,

Ten Thankful Things

My another try on this weeks writing prompt from the SITS girls in their quest to get us girls back to blogging. On Thursday we were asked to write about 10 things that we are thankful for. I saw something similar

My Autumn Bucket List

So far I have experienced three different types of 'Autumns' in my lifetime. Having been spent my young life back in the Philippines, we don't have the Autumn season, but what we did have was a lot of rain at this time of

Monday It Is

Monday always get a bad reputation, but honestly, with the dark mornings, it's not been easy. But on a brighter note, here are some finds from the amazing shop that is Superbritanico.   Image from: Superbritanico

RECIPE: Simple Brownie

My boys are crazy about anything chocolatey and cakey and sometimes we try one of those ready made cake mixes. Since moving to Valencia, I've never really found any that the boys are fond with, if I do have to
Bull run Pedralba
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Summer in Valencia Spain

We are not short of sunshine here in Valencia, so even though my husband and I spend our time working during the week, we are certain that on weekends we can rely on the continuous sunshine to make family time
The Balm Palette

REVIEW: TheBalm Cosmetics Them Apples

A few weeks ago I briefly mentioned my 'lost' make-up during my last trip to the UK.  It might seem trivial, but I try to buy all my beauty products in the UK, I guess it's just something that I am used too
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Alpuente Valencia

Anyone who has been to Spain would know how vast this beautiful country is, there are still a lot of hidden places to discover. Since we moved to Valencia I've been to amazing places with hidden caves, waterfalls, climbing areas and parts that are

RECIPE: Really Simple Lemonade

This week has been scorchingly hot. With temperatures reaching up to 38ºc we have been trying all sort to keep refreshed and watered. My six year old had a brilliant idea to make a lemonade stand outside the house. Living in
Birchbox Summer Box

Review: Birchbox Summer Subscription Box

I headed for the UK about three weeks ago, on my return trip I left all my makeup behind. Damn those airport rules and they're separate see through bags! I knew that one of these days that was going to
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