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Hola! Back from a month hiatus

It's true, I have not updated for over a month. April became a big blur as soon as I took my trip to the UK. With a lot of things going on, including our home moving plans, work and kids
Flamenco In Valencia

Flamenco In Valencia

Over the weekend, we found ourselves child-free, thanks to my in-laws who came to visit last week from the UK. They kindly offered to take the children off our hands so that my husband and I can spend a little
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My upcoming trip to the UK

Excited! The first word that comes into my mind! I have finally organised my trip back to the UK for next month! Flights and hotels are booked the only thing left to do now is to look forward to seeing

RECIPE: Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Jamón Serrano

It's been a while since I shared a quick recipe with you, so I want to share something that's really easy to make and one of my favourite traditional Spanish breakfast - scrambled eggs with spinach and jamón serrano (revuelto

Liebster Award: Discover New Bloggers

Thank you to Linda for tagging me on this quite funky Liebster Award - you're a star! I've only met Linda a few weeks ago through the blogosphere and so far she's come across to be a really lovely person
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Introducing Our Ninot for the Fallas

These past few days I’ve been occupied with my youngest son's school project. Every year, the kids are asked to create a ninot for the cremá. This year's theme is about films and music, and every year the students deliver
Chess In Schools
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Chess In Spanish Schools

When you think about education, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not playing a game. However, some games are designed to increase a child’s learning potential. One such game is the thought-provoking and strategic game of chess.

Things I Do When My Husband Is Away

My husband doesn't go away often, but once in a while his job requires him to travel to the U.S for a week or so. Having been together for 13 years and working constantly with each other all day everyday,
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Fireworks & Paellas

This week has gone far too quick. I can't believe that it's already been a 7 days since our trip to Barcelona. Now, here I am again getting the usual things sorted for school tomorrow. I really need an extra
Introduction to UTalk

uTalk A language learning app

How do you find yourself when it comes to languages? Are you quite an impressive polyglot or like myself need that little help once in a while? There are still occasions when I still find myself referring to my translator

A day in Barcelona

It's only an hour ago since I got back from Barcelona with the boys, my husband headed off to his business trip this morning, leaving me and the boys to get on with it for a couple of weeks. It’s
Valencia in 30 seconds

Discover Valencia in 30 seconds

This 30 second timelapse video of Valencia hows you a little glimpse of this beautiful city, a place with a combination of traditions and modern architecture, from the rice fields of Albufera, beaches, Arts & Sciences,  port and of course
Valentines Day

I Guess It’s Valentines Day

Bah humbug!!! I'm not a believer of Valentines Day, to be honest it's not something we celebrate. Similar to any other events during the year such as Christmas and Easter, Valentines days have become unbearably commercialised. Don't get me wrong,
Things I Miss From Living Abroad
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Things I Miss From Living Abroad

With this cold weather hitting us lately I really wish I can hibernate until Spring. The past week have been colder than normal, with snow hitting many parts of Spain. Thankfully, we've not been affected, but the low temperatures are
Rainy Pot

Friday Find: Rainy Pot

Friday is usually is my 'inspiration' day. Doing the job that I do, I am in constant research of anything different and on trend. And how I love days like these when I can sit down in front of my
The thing about weekends
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The thing about weekends…

When I tell people I get excited about the weekends, they can't seem to understand why. Some friends back home like to remind me that I work for myself (and live in Spain), which to some can seem that my

Friday Find: Whimsical Ceramics By Barruntando

Another one of my #FridayFinds this one is from a very talented small company in Avilés (Asturias), Spain, an area well known for it's traditional craft making from raw materials such as pottery, wood, leather and iron. Ceramic Cupcake Holder
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