I really couldn’t stand it anymore. I ran out of some decent Asian ingredients over 6 months ago and some things you just can’t buy in Carrefour!

I was really missing some ingredients in my weekly cooking, such as; coconut vinegar, a decent bottle of soy sauce (that didn’t cost the earth!) and some seasonings and spices that I can only get in Asian stores! I’ve been putting it off for a while, but I know this week, that I had to get my ass into gear and go to the city to get some supplies.

Just a few yards away from my usual store, I saw ‘Oriental Beniparrell’  this oriental supermarket is a well-stocked store with a wide range of exotic ingredients. Compared to my usual shop this store is bigger, brighter, cleaner and hold a wider variety of products. As I wandered around the aisles I have almost forgotten that I am in Valencia. How homely it is to be surrounded by things that I recognise – and of course, the smell… the different type of spices, fresh vegetables and fruit, I kind of wished they have a bakery too! 

They also have a wide range of sweets and snacks, things that I use to get addicted to back in the Philippines, such as prawn crackers, White Rabbit and Pocky snacks! If you are like me, who like cooking Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese food at home, you will find this shop an invaluable source of exotic ingredients.

The shop boasts a good selection of oriental fruit and vegetables and a large freezer section as well as wide selections of spices sweets and snacks, drinks, teas, noodles and desserts, everything you need to cook up any Asian cuisine. Prices are reasonable too, I found myself spending just over €30 and I came home with three bags full of goodies, not a bad result and those should last me for a few months at least!

Oriental Supermarket Valencia


Oriental Supermarket In Valencia

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