Momiji Keyring Prize thanks to Momiji

I can’t really remember what got me into Momiji in the first place, but from what I can recall my little obsession started about seven years ago.   I’ve always been into the Japanese kawaii (cute) stuff since I was little, and growing up in the Philippines, Sanrio and San-X were the most known brands, they created stuff such as Hello Kitty and Afro Ken which I really use to obsess with, from the notepads, pencil cases and school bags… I wanted it ALL! 

Since then I’ve never shaken off that interest in the cute stuff.  Now thirty (something) years of age and I still look out for the best and cutest kawaii things. A few years ago I started to collect the Momiji dolls, but since our move from the UK to Valencia, I have been more preoccupied with home, work and kid things, plus, Momiji dolls are pretty rare here in Spain.

Momiji Dolls
Momiji Dolls

But of course, that doesn’t mean that the interest in kawaii stuff  is any less, I’m still a follower and I keep my eye out on the latest news and products. And by chance, about a month ago Momiji on Instgram launched a competion to win a keyring, by reposting the image and hastaging it. Easy enough, and of course why not?!

And lo and behold, after forgetting about it for over a week, I received a nice message from Momiji to let me know that I have won one of their funky keyrings! You have to take my word and imagine the excitement, you would have thought I won the lottery or something.  But winning something is always a nice feeling right?! And from a person who hardly wins anything – it’s pretty damn exciting!

After waiting excitedly for my post during the past few weeks my gift finally came, all the way from UK to Valencia.

My prize
My prize

Here she is in her finest along with a nice card from the team Momiji congratulating me on my win. So, there you go folks, if you don’t try you’ll never see. And to celebrate on the day, I was in the mood to make a pineapple syrup cake… the kids were happy, I’m happy, everybody wins. Thanks Momiji 🙂

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