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I Guess It’s Valentines Day

I Guess It’s Valentines Day

I Guess It’s Valentines Day

Bah humbug!!! I’m not a believer of Valentines Day, to be honest it’s not something we celebrate. Similar to any other events during the year such as Christmas and Easter, Valentines days have become unbearably commercialised. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a romance hater. On the contrary, I love romance, but I believe that it shouldn’t be forced solely on one day and the hype that goes with it is enough to put me off the whole thing – and let’s not even mention 50 sheds of grey!

So I felt bad this morning when I realised my husband has bought me a little something. Normally, we don’t get each other anything so this was a nice surprise. I have a feeling that he has taken in to consideration the crappy week I’ve had with a fall that hurt my back.  And being the cool guy that he is, he wanted to cheer me up.

Valentines Day


Having been married for nearly 10 years, together for 13 years and 3 kids later, believe me, romance is not always in abundance. With work, kids and general life to think about, having couple time need to be planned with precision, and not having family around to take on the babysitting duties makes it a little more difficult.

Trying to find time if we really want to is not hard. May it be a walk in the morning together or a lunch date at our local bar, there are always little things we can do to spend time together and living here is an advantage, there are a lot of romantic spots and things to do around Valencia, it’d be crazy to take it all for granted! I prefer  spontaneous and unique and somehow having a romantic meal along with 50 other couples just doesn’t do it for me.

But it’s nice to be thought of today, because it’s something we don’t usally do and I’m feeling a little guilty. I didn’t get him anything. He even remembered that I like orchids. He’s making me look bad. 😉


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