This week has gone far too quick. I can’t believe that it’s already been a 7 days since our trip to Barcelona. Now, here I am again getting the usual things sorted for school tomorrow. I really need an extra day just to recover from the weekend!

The boys have been good, we didn’t have too many issues, apart from the usual stuff. They haven’t mentioned that they miss dad too much. So, maybe they’re loving time spent with me much more than they thought! 😉

This weekend we found ourselves celebrating the start of Fallas with our friends. It’s become more of a tradition for us every year, and it’s something that the boys really enjoy. A whole two weeks of letting off fireworks and smoke bombs on the streets! Great for them, but a constant anxiety attack for me! Believe me, you get used to it, and to be honest I don’t have any choice.

It’s amazing that in just over two years the boys have become accustomed to Spanish traditions. It’s nice to see them look forward to other events rather than just Halloween or Christmas, and because a lot of events are celebrated within the community, I have also noticed the benefits on their social skills. They are less shy and more willing to take part in activities, conversing fluently with their friends and adults too.

So this will be the scene for the next two weeks, the boys will be having a few days off from school from the 15th of March to properly celebrate the event. With the unmistakable smell of paella and gun powder on the streets, you can certainly tell that Spring has arrived in Valencia!

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British/Filipina now living in Valencia, Spain. Mum, wife, designer and illustrator. I am also the author of Ohla Living where I share my lifestyle, travel, recipes and creative ideas.

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