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Why Ohla Living?

‘Ohla’ is a play on words of ‘Hello’ in Spanish. I wanted something fun and catchy that represents our lifestyle here in Spain. Therefore ‘Ohla Living’ was born. It is also a prefix for my work website Ohla Creative. When I’m not blogging and writing about our personal experiences, I am also a full-time web / graphic designer and illustrator.

Who Is Behind The Blog?

Ohla Living is a lifestyle and travel blog written by myself, Maria. I was born in the Philippines and raised in the UK, now living in the orange coast of Spain with my husband and son. My husband is a founder, developer and CTO of our development company. It’s amazing how technology has enabled many people like us to work remotely and giving us the freedom to choose the lifestyle we dream of.

What Is Valencia Like For Families?

Valencia is a marvellous city! We have considered many places in Europe before deciding that Valencia was definitely the place for us! With its amazing beaches, parks, lifestyle, history and food, it’s a great and safe city to raise a young family. Take a look at some of my posts about family life in Valencia:

When Is The Best Time To Come To Valencia?

Valencia is wonderful to visit all year round. Personally, my favourite times of the year is spring and autumn, where the temperature is ideal to visit the monuments, festivals and historic places that this beautiful city has to offer.

I would also recommend the Fallas Festival, this takes place between the 1st-19th of March every year. A word of advice, you must book your hotel as soon as you can because the city can get VERY full (and expensive), leaving it to the last minute is not advisable. But it’s definitely as MUST SEE. An impressive festival of fire and sound that the Valencians are very proud of!

Can You Recommend Hotels Around Valencia?

Of course! One of the best things about living in Valencia is that we have the best choices of places to stay. My husband and I especially love having staycations in the city (babysitter permitting)! I have written a couple of reviews on some of the hotels we have stayed in. Check out The Caro Hotel (luxury), Ayre Hotel Astoria (mid-range) & Antigua Morellana SH (very cheap).

Can I Get In Touch With You?

Yes of course! You can use my contact form or follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I will try to answer any questions that you might have.