Something To Keep The Kids Occupied
Something To Keep The Kids Occupied

This is an overdue post, actually about 4 months late, I have been pretty slack with writing reviews since then as there have been a  lot of things going on and work taking over my life, not giving me the free time to spend with my blog. And for that I put my hand up and promised myself that during these summer months, I will rethink and try to remember the places that I have been around Valencia, hopefully giving my readers a little insight of what’s been going on and what funky places I can recommend for you guys to try!

Crêperie Bretonne is situated in the old and rustic area of the city about a minute walk from the Valencia Cathedral in Barrio del Carmen.  A friend recommended Crêperie Bretonne while we were strolling around in the city after the Fallas this year. We wanted something light, sweet, something we could have with coffee, but at the same time something the kids would enjoy too!

Because there was a large number of us, we sat outside. The kids were given colouring paraphernalia to keep them quiet until the yummy food came.  Creperie Bretonne is a very quirky, old place with walls full of doodles and drawings from visitors.  You can also choose to leave your signature on the table while you’re there, takes you back to high school years, but this time without feeling guilty. In this place, graffiti is acceptable. The bar also resembles a very old bus, which again adds more to the quirkiness, and if you like quirky like I passionately do, then this place will be right up your street!

The menu was just right and not too overwhelming, especially if you visit for the first time. I never liked extensive and confusing menus, but here, they offered just the right amount of starters, mains, desserts and anything else you would like as an extra.

As well as offering the best sweet crepes in the land, they also have a lot of savoury dishes but this time we wanted something SWEET!  The kids ordered anything that had chocolate in it and I ordered the Flambé crepe with bananas and white chocolate… IT IS HEAVEN on a plate.

The service was a little slow (but this was the Fallas) a very busy time of the year, but at the same time the atmosphere was buzzing and a great way to spend the early afternoon.  Though it was very busy the staff made sure that we had everything we needed and accommodated us accordingly even with 5 demanding and excitable kids!

I would recommend visiting Crêperie Bretonne on quieter days, and evenings if you like the buzz.  Something tasty and different to try while you’re visiting Valencia.

Creperie Bretonne Valencia
Creperie Bretonne Valencia
Creperie Bretonne Valencia
Creperie Bretonne Valencia

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